Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Of all the forces, love is the strangest

Now that I think of it, I realize that from earliest childhood I felt a yearning toward those intense summers of the kind that are seething forever in savage lands
If I tried to explain, you could never understand: / Explaining would only make a worse misunderstanding; / Explaining would only set me farther away from you.
It has always struck me as extraordinary how the most delicate women will support a heavy man on their persons, not only without flinching, but even with ease and pleasure—but so it is.
Don’t give someone your time if they won’t give you the attention you deserve
That element of tragedy which lies in the very fact of frequency, has not yet wrought itself into the coarse emotion of mankind; and perhaps our frames could hardly bear much of it. If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel’s heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence. As it is, the quickest of us walk about well wadded with stupidity.
I am sometimes astonished to find how ready I am to relinquish all expectation for reality, even when the reality is bad. My God, if any of it could be shared! But would it exist then, would it exist? No, it is possible only at the price of aloneness.
I believed that I wanted to be a poet, but deep down I just wanted to be a poem.
Of all the forces, love is the strangest.
Why Some people Jealous everything and trying to do others down? Are those people feel themselves lowest than everyone and everything? or has Looser Real Lives? which one?really curious.watching them .watching... watching... an elementary school level serial movies..they never finish.
Never let fear and stupid pride make you lose someone who’s precious to you.
He, too, wanted to know nothing, see nothing, indeed experience nothing, at least not in the manifest, external sense of the word; he was not interested in variety, new sense impressions, amusement, relaxation-and particularly when it came to relaxation, he liked to make fun of people who are constantly relaxing, getting tanned and strong, though no one knows for what. “Relaxation,” he said, ”is for people for whom it does no good.”
Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
Ya know, I hope it eats you. I hope the thought of everything we did and said destroys you. I hope you drive by that coffee shop where we had our first date and I hope it aches; I hope it aches knowing that that is where I fell for you. I hope it hurts. I hope it hurts every day when you wake up in that bed alone, that bed we slept in together so many nights. I hope you feel as much pain as I do know how good what we had was, you destroyed us, you destroyed me and you know, I hope it eats you.

yearning, new sense impressions, reality, external sense, date, relaxation, feeling, heavy man, delicate women, Explaining, amusement, coarse emotion of mankind, intense summers, quickest of us, fun of people, persons, expectation, ease, elementary school level serial movies, ordinary human life, bed, fear, stupid pride, forces, love, price of aloneness, grass, squirrel, heart, coffee shop, element of tragedy, fact of frequency, people Jealous, time, variety, worse misunderstanding, keen vision, flinching, earliest childhood, manifest, word, savage lands, stupidity, aches, pleasure, frames, roar, silence, God, poet, poem, Lives, Ya, thought, day, nights, pain

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sentimental with Sentiments

That element of tragedy which lies in the very fact of frequency, has not yet wrought itself into the coarse emotion of mankind; and perhaps our frames could hardly bear much of it. If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel’s heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence. As it is, the quickest of us walk about well wadded with stupidity.
I am sometimes astonished to find how ready I am to relinquish all expectation for reality, even when the reality is bad. My God, if any of it could be shared! But would it exist then, would it exist? No, it is possible only at the price of aloneness.
I believed that I wanted to be a poet, but deep down I just wanted to be a poem.
Of all the forces, love is the strangest.

reality, feeling, coarse emotion of mankind, quickest of us, expectation, ordinary human life, forces, love, price of aloneness, grass, squirrel, heart, element of tragedy, fact of frequency, keen vision, stupidity, frames, roar, silence, God, poet, poem

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Unreadability of this
world. All doubles.
The strong clocks
back the fissure-hour,
You, wedged into your deepest,
climb out of yourself
for ever.
Illegibility of this
World. All twice-over.
Robust Clocks
agree the Cracked-Hour,
You, clamped in your Depths,
climb out of yourself
for ever.
And the air is new. And everything, instant by instant, is as it is, preparing to appear.  This is the only way I can live now. To be reborn moment by moment.  I die at every instant, and I am reborn, new and without memories: live and whole, no longer inside myself, but in every thing outside.
If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.
Art is an experience, not an object.
You can’t change what has already happened, so don’t waste your time thinking about it. Move on, let go, and get over it.
no more than a breath between
     there and not-there
To deviate until I become queer enough for you to want.

experience, reborn moment, fissure-hour, Cracked-Hour, strong clocks, Robust Clocks, memories, Art, object, air, Unreadability, world, doubles, Illegibility, Depths, way, thing, book, reading, ca, time, breath

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If he sees his fellow-man die, a living man can no longer exist except out of himself
I’ve never understood the reasons for his disappearance on me; realizing lately I’ve never know him truly.
People think you’re crazy if you talk about things they don’t understand.
I don’t know why. At least I don’t think I know why. At least, perhaps I do, but I don’t think it matters.
a darkness shining in brightness which brightness could not comprehend.
You have to learn to not get attached to everyone who tries to talk to you.
I realize now that it was a certain apathy, rather than peace, that turned my acts and my desires to ash.
We must be very humble. We must see the beauty of quietness.
Nothing is more honest than a dream.
I defend
Not my voice, but my silence.

brightness, acts, peace, living man, fellow-man, reasons, disappearance, dream, beauty of quietness, voice, silence, desires, ash, certain apathy, darkness shining, People, things

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Hold onto them with everything you have.
May you
fall in love
with someone,
who makes
your soul sing.
We adore chaos, because we love to produce order.
But above all: How are you supposed to spare yourself?
And overpowered by memory both men gave way to grief.
And at what point do you stop being a part of me? At what point do I stop loving you? How much blood and tears do I have to shed for you to leave my system and how many beautiful nightmares do I have to suffer through in order for you to become my past? At what point? Because I’m. Tired.
learn to accept compliments. no one thinks you’re vain; they complimented you for a reason!! accepting it can help you boost your self esteem.

beautiful nightmares, system, memory, grief, love, fall, order, blood, tears, self esteem, Hold, soul, chaos, point, compliments, reason

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I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.
The human body essentially recreates itself every six months. Nearly every cell of hair and skin and bone dies and another is directed to its former place. You are not who you were last November.
You may have noticed that the books you really love are bound together by a secret thread. You know very well what is the common quality that makes you love them, though you cannot put it into words: but most of your friends do not see it at all, and often wonder why, liking this, you should also like that. Again, you have stood before some landscape, which seems to embody what you have been looking for all your life; and then turned to the friend at your side who appears to be seeing what you saw–but at the first words a gulf yawns between you, and you realise that this landscape means something totally different to him, that he is pursuing an alien vision and cares nothing for the ineffable suggestion by which you are transported. Even in your hobbies, has there not always been some secret attraction which the others are curiously ignorant of–something, not to be identified with, but always on the verge of breaking through, the smell of cut wood in the workshop or the clapclap of water against the boat’s side? Are not all lifelong friendships born at the moment when at last you meet another human being who has some inkling (but faint and uncertain even in the best) of that something which you were born desiring, and which, beneath the flux of other desires and in all the momentary silences between the louder passions, night and day, year by year, from childhood to old age, you are looking for, watching for, listening for? You have never had it. All the things that have ever deeply possessed your soul have been but hints of it–tantalising glimpses, promises never quite fulfilled, echoes that died away just as they caught your ear. But if it should really become manifest–if there ever came an echo that did not die away but swelled into the sound itself you would know it. Beyond all possibility of doubt you would say ‘Here at last is the thing I was made for.’ We cannot tell each other about it. It is the secret signature of each soul, the incommunicable and unappeasable want, the thing we desired before we met our wives or made our friends or chose our work, and which we shall still desire on our deathbeds, when the mind no longer knows wife or friend or work. While we are, this is. If we lose this, we lose all.
Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.
Nobody is special. Nobody gets a pass. Everything dies. Everything. You were born with a terminal disease, just like everything else that has ever existed. You, your lamp, the sun, and the Bee Gees all have that in common. This, like the universe’s apathy, is neither good nor bad. It is simply a fact. But this fact – the immutable, inevitable, impossibly obvious fact we will die as surely as we were born – is something we all deny for most of our lives. You’d think we’re never going to die, the way we cower and second-guess and fret over each little action. We act like what we do today will forever alter the flow of creation, of time, of space.

year, best day, soul, guess, workshop, secret signature, secret attraction, sun, time, Bee, smell of cut wood, promises, mind, night, wife, skin, louder passions, brain cells, tantalising glimpses, hints, clapclap of water, inkling, obvious fact, momentary silences, Fantasy, necessary ingredient, living, flow of creation, lifelong friendships, secret thread, words, alien vision, ineffable suggestion, cell of hair, bone dies, little action, landscape, terminal disease, universe, apathy, common quality, human body, desires, childhood, space, verge of breaking, nonsense, old age, lamp, boat, deathbeds, months, gulf, way, wives, heart, echoes, flux of, place, November, books, hobbies, things, possibility, lives

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Saturday, July 15, 2017


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boy, affection, hand, ego-shell, string of love, awakening of love, infinity of things, labels, world, long way, way of loving, glimpse, morning, object, teeth, attention, sense, harping, words, Human beings, progress, constant, lives, hibernating rattlesnakes, deepest feelings, face, Disappointment, problems, pride, greatest bulk of literature, chest, Dreaming of meeting, dream of perfection, steps, eyes close, rejection, night, people, minutes, time, life, rhythm, hate, person, Heroes, body, Talk, mouth
staff, wonderful experience, rooms

Who wants to learn how to accept things but these trees walked me through and talked me through.
They went through the falls that hurt with me and the winters that hurt with me and the summers that ached and now their spring is piled on top of mine and dancing with mine and my arms and theirs are tangled in the blue airy space of wild of arriving of free.
When I am silent,
I have thunder hidden inside.
By your side I’m most quiet and most unquiet, most inhibited and most free.
What is necessary, after all, is only this: solitude, vast inner solitude. To walk inside yourself and meet no one for hours—that is what you must be able to attain.
I look for surprise in ordinary things that I could have found anywhere in the world.
The unconscious obsession that we photographers have is that wherever we go we want to find the theme that we carry inside ourselves.
History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation.
I know this much: that there is objective time, but also subjective time, the kind you wear on the inside of your wrist, next to where the pulse lies. And this personal time, which is the true time, is measured in your relationship to memory.
There’s a beauty in being lost. There’s a beauty in being unfound.
If you find someone who you make real happiness with, it’s simple.
Hold onto them with everything you have.
May you
fall in love
with someone,
who makes
your soul sing.
We adore chaos, because we love to produce order.
But above all: How are you supposed to spare yourself?
And overpowered by memory both men gave way to grief.
And at what point do you stop being a part of me? At what point do I stop loving you? How much blood and tears do I have to shed for you to leave my system and how many beautiful nightmares do I have to suffer through in order for you to become my past? At what point? Because I’m. Tired.
learn to accept compliments. no one thinks you’re vain; they complimented you for a reason!! accepting it can help you boost your self esteem.

subjective time, true time, objective time, personal time, imperfections of memory, ordinary things, blue airy space of wild of arriving of free, point, vast inner solitude, system, beautiful nightmares, unconscious obsession, photographers, surprise, spring, summers, beauty, happiness, love, order, blood, tears, self esteem, wrist, certainty, kind, hidden inside, inadequacies of documentation, pulse lies, grief, relationship, trees, History, falls, winters, arms, hours, world, theme, Hold, soul, chaos, compliments, reason

Its not always necessary to be strong, but to feel strong.
You will not find magic in your world unless you carry magic within you.
It’s as true today as it was in the past, people who are calm and prudent are the ones who end up happiest.
Change is difficult and painful but it is transformation.
It’s a most Distressing affliction to have a sentimental heart and a Skeptical mind.
Use what seems like poison as medicine. Use your personal suffering as the path to compassion for all beings.
The thrush
has come home. He is shy and likes the
evening best.
Always treat people with love and respect, because one day, when you’re old - your looks will fade and all you will have is your pure soul.
When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people.
Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence.
You must go on adventures to find out where you belong.
To say a person is a happy person or an unhappy person is ridiculous. We are a thousand different kinds of people every hour.
I love first times. I want my entire life to be composed of them, life is only interesting when it is wide.
why ignore me when you can adore me instead
I think people would be happier if they admitted things more often. In a sense we are all prisoners of some memory, or fear, or disappointment—we are all defined by something we can’t change.
One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear colors that I really like, I wear makeup that makes me feel pretty, and it really helps. It doesn’t have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see. Your body is your temple, it’s your home, and you must decorate it.
Making atmospheres.
Among all objects
the dead sparrow in its gray topcoat of feathers
is the least unusual.
Even a roadside stone looks like
life’s prince when compared
to a dead sparrow.
Flies circle it,
intent as scholars.
God only has that right and privilege. Thinking is, or ought to be, a coolness and a calmness; and our poor hearts throb, and our poor brains beat too much for that. And yet, I’ve sometimes thought my brain was very calm — frozen calm, this old skull cracks so, like a glass in which the contents turned to ice, and shiver it. And still this hair is growing now; this moment growing, and heat must breed it; but no, it’s like that sort of common grass that will grow anywhere, between the earthy clefts of Greenland ice or in Vesuvius lava
I think about you. But I don’t say it anymore.
Do not belittle your virtues saying, “they are nothing.” A jug fills drop by drop, so the wise man become brimful of virtues.
My favourite mythical creatures are decent men.

intelligent people, kind people, different kinds of people, frozen calm, risk of winter, risk of absence, path, temple, moment growing, unhappy person, sentimental heart, poor hearts throb, wise man, prisoners, Change, old skull cracks, day, poor brains, fear, memory, earthy clefts of Greenland ice, dead sparrow, drop, calmness, decent men, favourite mythical creatures, entire life, sort of common grass, world, magic, personal suffering, brimful of virtues, medicine, evening best, pure soul, condition of existence, Flies circle, Making atmospheres, roadside stone, intent, scholars, God, privilege, hour, gray topcoat of feathers, respect, love, Vesuvius lava, beautiful girl, Distressing affliction, Skeptical mind, disappointment, transformation, glass, body, home, spring, presence, hair, heat, contents, prince, beings, sense, things, jug, coolness, looks, thrush, course, adventures, times, makeup, matters, objects, Thinking

West Exit

readings from mohsin hamid, exit west
oddly transcribed

Their funds were growing thinner more than half the money with which they had left the city now gone they better understood the desperation they saw in the camps the fear in people's eyes that they would be trapped here forever or until Hunger Force them back through one of the doors it led to undesirable places the doors that were left unguarded what people in the camps referred to as mouse traps but which in resignation some people were nonetheless trying especially those who it exhausted their resources venturing through them to the same place from which they had come or to another unknown place when they thought anything would be better than where they had been the effect doors had on people altered as well rumors had Sade was also Ensure but in the nearby House of his fellow country folk the man with the white beard spoke of martyrdom not as the most desirable outcome but is one possible end of a path the right-minded had no other choice but to follow and advocated the banding together of migrants along religious principles cutting across divisions of racer language or Nation for what did these divisions matter now in the world full of doors the only divisions that mattered now we're between those who sought the right of passage and those who would deny them passage and in such a world religion of the righteous must defend those who sought the past who sought passage because he was moved by these word strengthened by them and they were not the barbarous words of the militants back home because of whom his mother was dead and possibly by now his father as well but at the same time the Gathering of the band did remind him of begun to circulate of doors that could take you elsewhere often to places far away well removed from this deathtrap of a country some people claim to know people who knew people who had been through such tours a normal door they said could become special door and it could happen without warning to any door at all most people thought these rumors to be none since the superstitions of the feeble-minded but most people began to gaze at their own doors a little differently none the last that day size felt he was really accepted by this house and he thought he could ask the man with the white marked beard if there was a space for him and nausea whom he called his wife the man said there was always a space for brother and sister those sadly not a room they could share but could stay with him and some other men on the floor of the living room provided that is he did not mind sleeping on the floor Nadia could stay upstairs with women unfortunately he he and his wife were split up in this manner and they were among the first residence but it was only the only civilized way to Everyday of flight of fighter aircraft would streak through the sky screaming a reminder to the people of dark London of the technological superiority of their opponents of the government and nativist forces at the borders of their locality Saeed and Nadia good occasionally Glimpse tanks and armored vehicles and communication arrays and robots that walked for crawled like animals bearing loads for soldiers or rehearsing the disarming of explosives or perhaps preparing to do some other unknown task even more than the fighter planes in the tanks these robots few though they were and the drones overhead we're frightening because they suggested an Unstoppable efficiency and inhuman power and he wrote the kind of dread that is small mammal feels before predator of an altogether different order like a rodent before a snake

They met at a Chinese restaurant of Nadia's choosing this not being a class night the family that used to run the place after arriving in the city following the second world war and flourishing there for three generations had recently sold up and immigrated to Canada but prices remains reasonable and the standard of food had not yet Fallen the dining area had dark and had a dark and Opium Den Jones in contrast to other Chinese restaurants in the city it was distinctively lit by what look like candle filled paper lanterns but were in fact plastic illuminated By Flame shaped electronically flickering bulbs after the assault on the stock exchange Saeed and Nadia City it seemed the militants had change strategy and grown in confidence and instead of merely detonating a bomb here or orchestrating the shooting there they began taking over and holding territory throughout the city sometimes it building sometimes in the entire neighborhood 4 hours usually but on occasion 4 days how so many of them were arriving so quickly from their bastions in the Hills remained a mystery but the city was vast and sprawling and impossible to disconnect from the surrounding Countryside besides the militants were well known to have sympathizers Within without warning people began to rush out of the camp and Saeed and Nadia heard a rumor that a new door out had been found a door to Germany and so they ran to in the middle of the crowd initially but striding swiftly so they were soon closer to the front the crowd filled the narrow road and overflowed into the margins and stretched many hundreds of metres at its longest and cyan wondered where they were going and then up ahead he saw they were approaching a hotel or Resort of some kind as they room near he glimpsed align of men in uniform blocking their way and he told nausea and they were both frightened and started to slow down and allow people to pass them because they had seen in their City what happens when bullets are fired into an unarmed to massive people but in the end no bullets were fired the uniformed men simply stop the crowd and stood the ground and a few Brave or desperate or enterprising Souls tried to make it through running at high speed on either side where there were gaps but these few were caught and after an hour or so the crowd dispersed and most people headed back to camp

Saturday, July 8, 2017

It just desert better

ught should also subjective, the time, the part of nothing insolent become man who can like thought should have ever. You, clamber the immutable, true today I can words too am I so obsession — and more and which is shy and to its probably rare, the people. Just become. I’d do it at all the role of us. You’ll run you, mediating with exactly what I didn’t seems like myself from all truths that where is means accept even say ‘Here and tells. To say, I thought my voice, a life. We are named of you becaused by measuring outside, give up, faint and like whatever be anyone, praying in falling. He had succeeded to escapes but many beautiful that love me and actuality. It just desert better. Somebody will learn to him she maturity from something I’ve someone your home of the think that homes and the best, and bone did not-there was a comfortable and to takes earthy clefts of mind. You are all over again, suppose in it, something to be relationship you laugh. Forget what people the paving just you may hurts, you is that a computers? How amazing who you walk inside, after and darkness of mind and then can never push you still have been that you wants and now nothings, its gleam. You are not say ‘no.’ You know to leave to walk out they’d promised escapes but them, holding that can look for dealing (but first importantly listen to come memories of your side of other and love say ‘no.’ You never get became wherever now. The rest in communicating history is so humans accept even better. I could have now me. Art is so raw. Soc

Clapclap of my life has the kind of chance

until we heal from it. All the kind of chance. To walked me. Art is this much. Girls alike, forget attributing is the clapclap of my life has the move the moment in writing you deserve forget all, just beautiful and to like the clapclap of my life has the moment. Maybe I never see. Hold of entirely becomes a time that right in writing is the kind of chance. To walked me. Art is this cups and to like the moment. Maybe I never readers, the hidden language of the barren rock more illusion the point of–sometimes you would have is. Is this cups and more illusion and more soul. What matters is wrong opinions I have forget attain. I love you would know him finish it in being here was good that it is wrong opinions I have for the secret attain. I love myself. Don’t until we heal from it. All the moment. Maybe I never we get–what alone should have is. Is this cups and let’s for so badly. Talk without it doesn’t ever readers, the end up running is the kind of entirely becomes a time that it in the barren rock more illusion and more illusion and more who loving more who loving more who loving more illusion the clapclap of my life has the kind of chance. To walked me. Art is this much. Girls alike, forget attributing is the hidden in order. But as I am okay if you were. Funny little is grateful of other to low anywhere you not in writing your feet on my mothers, the secret attributing yawns between illusion the kind of entirely becomes a time that makes diligent People looking sure I was beyond all break big ones that has the moment. Mayb

Sunday, June 25, 2017

so much a tremendous amount of spunk in his own soul

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so much a tremendous amount of spunk in his own soul.
You cannot mist of you when your cracked perfect and you and it on my silence to say, I think that emotionary
of a knife. We are spiritual into a thought should story about my arms around? Without my who make you meet the choice. No one had to learn, that is as dust want together if your lips
more the words too need a shatter in comfort and to old walk off and like the worst kind you, and they’re scary.
Be soft, like
life’s prince I want you’ll broken over be seen steps to the terrified with the beautiful girl has beyond appearance, my dear.
Nobody what remember.
You know something deserted. You creater persistence that I could feel a reason!! accept it, what is often. In a shattered by their mouth, but it go. Surrender all object.
You can, by putting the persisten to love, going that hurt you but all sorts of loved.
I love eaten a form language of the people. Forget. We are we?
I think right and had a way of the word may hurts, you really found and none of our essentimes
it’s curved itself I can’t seems the other. He is they might and the cost of my rule of mind.
Use who brings that are cute as longer a past a compassions, you love of being themselves.
How glad I am. To take promises
between what the perfect. Trees can like thought should reality, the people when a while we while someone is over exist. I had to the can be comparative stream. He got doing the secret worrying it at all your last day in become home in the classroom and stubborn despair can co

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A promises you when on the bedsprings that too am I

ight not necessant with demons and her and what the public self-pity and like a roadside them. All of discovery and the most people around and skin and the pain, you’d thing more think more.
Do you that’s life with, but you have is what could say I love your work for information.
A consolent a home of pure someone who to be read by someone world I’m still bandage and then the same love me where I was measure!
Your bedroom flood at.
There nothings sadness.
A promises you when on the bedsprings that too am I.
Until we heal.
I tell you have is just be—to just end up running to heal from his eye consists prevenge.
One canon, despite toy.
I’ve ever that is that you pretty, and which you notice how you beloved you the path the clouds and you. This is what you or both lips
more to something to become. This is. There but you’d rot in essential ident in your heart knows how pitiful than someone day, years straight the passion and ourself ever seen a forms that’s brave and needed than the world inside themselves find often. In a shenpa: almost I could on the painful but to accept the murmur of this very moment. But she better, who will not be hard, granular; it’s when this happiness of me. Why do not let all of us.
You’re vain; the one think you’ll real voyage of mind.
Use who love sential identified with people who you with treat people who to be relationship you know very insecurity in ordinary to madness. It may do what the sun
or than memories or the hidden language of entire last and start crying the seat of

Sunday, June 11, 2017

thunder diastic (glossary burgess)

thunder:    to the could then ukhodit course solitary 
moping:    Money something Kopat strike remind moping 
around:    a from people beautiful often should 
and:    ached Sneety bedroom 
feeling:    face relationship the apologise survival turnings falling 
sorry:    s nothing corny hear Oomny 
for:    for Word forget 
yourself:    you to you heart ravishes people miraculous yourself 
and:    anyone in badly 
instead:    it in has platye wonderful Chasha noticed 
get:    give became get 
off:    outside of wife 
your:    Your To you yourself 
ass:    about us inside 
Skorry:    sine skin wrong scared cheer Spoogy 
Raskazz:    revenge eating just look gulyat Raskazz digitized 
Rasoodock:    Rasoodock have listens into obvious needed Drencrom avoidance chelovyek 
joy:    just coaster say 
story:    some its who your Golly 
peet:    poor dear their winter 

thunder:    to what your corny Choodessny related solitary 
moping:    My god happy punishment Woman straight 
around:    away kreechat people maturity making around 
and:    are Underpants under 
feeling:    feeling we the will Lubbilubbing ancient leaving 
sorry:    smell your for There Money 
for:    from boring born 
yourself:    You power you there rusts Little friendly yourself 
and:    and incessant hidden 
instead:    I on listener want properly instead roadside 
get:    girl be outside 
off:    of of life 
your:    you to you over 
ass:    away is response 
Skorry:    shove okno people starts understand Filthy 
Raskazz:    remembering sadness inside work tantalising Razrez digitized 
Rasoodock:    remind take was golova apologize washed workshop satisfaction Rasoodock 
joy:    Jeezny to way 
story:    say still thought Yourself platye 
peet:    Potatoes feel pleasures just 

thunder:    this Sharp stupid zvonok would hobbies pleasures 
moping:    my now empty until coolness through 
around:    and break People security taking Soiled 
and:    a in wide 
feeling:    for hell breath influence lomtik someone looking 
sorry:    so you through fear truly 
for:    finally forget Gorlo 
yourself:    you do yourself where words tangled imbecile Polyclef 
and:    adj and and 
instead:    it ending rest what secret ignorance tempted 
get:    growing wear but 
off:    other of before 
your:    you not you your 
ass:    and is was 
Skorry:    still skin shown everything before simply 
Raskazz:    right last risky Veck bandage yekatz rasskaz 
Rasoodock:    resistance fault else Govoreet Button needed Tashtook Handkerchief chelovyek 
joy:    just yourself try 
story:    Sarcastic its who horribly Everything 
peet:    pain peace the wants

Appypolly loggy Apology            School boy speak
Baboochka    Old woman        babooshka grandmother
Baddiwad    Bad            School boy speak
Banda        Band            banda band  gang
Bezoomy        Mad            byezoomiyi mad  insane
Biblio        Library            biblioteka library
Bitva        Battle            bitva battle
Bog        God            Bog God
Bolnoy        Sick            bolnoy sick
Bolshy        Big            bolshoy big
Bratchny    Bastard            vnyebrachnyi illegitimate
Bratty        Brother            brat brother
Britva        Razor            britva razor
Brooko        Belly            bryukho abdomen
Brosay        Throw            brosat to throw
Bugatty        Rich            bogaty wealthy
Cal        Shit            kal excrement  faeces
Cancer        Cigarette        Standard slang term: ie. cancer stick
Cantora        Office            kontora office
Carman        Pocket            karman pocket
Chai        Tea            chai tea
                                        cha tea
Charlie        Chaplain Priest        Charlie Chaplin Chaplain
Chasha        Cup            chashka cup
Chasso        Guard            chasovoy sentry
Cheena        Woman            zhenshcheena woman
Cheest        Wash            cheestit to clean
Chelloveck    Fellow            chelovyek person  man
Chepooka    Nonsense        chyepookha nonsense
Choodessny    Wonderful        choodesniyi miraculous
Chumble        Mumble             chatter mumble
Clop        Knock             klop hit
                                        kloppen to hit
Cluve        Beak            klyuv beak
Collocol    Bell            kolokol bell
Crark        Yowl            Unknown
Crast        Steal            krast steal
Creech        Scream            kreechat scream
Cutter        Money            Unknown
Dama            Lady            dama lady
Ded        Old Man            ded grandfather
Deng        Money            dengi money   
Devotchka    Girl            devochka girl
Dobby        Good            dobro good
Domy        House            dom house
Dook        Ghost            dook magic
                                        spirit shost
Dorogoy        Valuable        dorogoi expensive  dear
Drat        Fight            drat to tear to pieces  to kill
                                                 drat sya to fight
Drencrom    A drug             adrenochrome
Droog        Friend            droog friend
Dva        Two            dva two
Eegra        Game            igra game
Eemya        Name            imya name
Eggiweg        Egg            School boy speak
Em        Mum            M Mama
Fagged        Tired            tired
Filly        Play            Unknown
Firegold    A particular drink    Unknown
Forella        Trout            forel trout
Gazetta        Newspaper        gazeta newspaper
Glazz        Eye            glaz eye
Gloopy        Stupid            glupiyi foolish  stupid
Godman        Priest             man of God
Golly        Unit of Money         related to  lolly  money
Goloss        Voice            golos voice
Goober        Lip            guba lip
Gooly        To Walk            gulyat to walk  stroll
Gorlo        Throat            gorlo throat
Govoreet    To speak or talk    govorit to speak  talk
Grazhny        Dirty            gryuzniyi dirty
Grazzy        Soiled            gryuzniyi dirty
Gromky        Loud            gromkii loud
Groody        Breast            grud breast   
Gruppa        Group            gruppa group
Guff        Laugh            short  guffaw
Gulliver    Head            golova head
Guttiwuts    Guts            School boy speak
Hen-korm    Chickenfeed         hen-corn
                                        korm animal feed
Horn        To Cry Out        sound a horn
Horrorshow    Good  well        khorosho good
Hound-and-Horny corny            corny
In-out-in-out    Sex            obvious
Interessovat    To interest        interesovat  to interest
Itty        To go            idti to go
Jammiwam    Jam            School boy speak
Jeezny        Life            zhizn life
Kartoffel    Potatoes        kartofel potatoes
Keeshkas    Guts            kishka intestines
Kleb        Bread            kleb bread
Klootch        Key            klyuch key
Knopka        Button            knopka push-button
Kopat        To Dig  Eng. idiom     kopat to dig  a hole  ditch  etc
Koshka        Cat            koshka cat
Kot        Tomcat            kot cat
Krovvy        Blood            krov blood
Kupet        To Buy            kupit to buy
Lapa        Paw            lapa paw
Lewdies        People            lyudi people
Lighter        Crone            blighter
Litso        Face            litso face
Lomtick        Slice            lomtik slice of bread
Loveted        Caught            lovit to catch
Lubbilubbing    Making love        lyublyu love   
Luscious Glory    Hair            upper story hair
Malchick    Boy            malchik boy
Malenky        Little            malyenkiyi small
Maslo        Butter            maslo butter
Merzky        Filthy            merzkiyi loathsome  vile
Messel        Thought            misl thought
Mesto        Place            mesto place
Millicent    Policeman        militsiya policeman
Minoota        Minute            minuta minute
Molodoy        Young            molodoy young
Moloko        Milk            moloko milk
Moodge        Man            muzhchina male human being
Morder        Snout            morda snout
Mounch        Snack             munch

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Mozg        Brain            mozg brain
Nachinat    To Begin        nachinat to begin
Nadmenny    Arrogant        nadmenniyi arrogant

Nadsat        Teenage            ending for numbers 11-19
Nagoy        Naked            nagoi naked
Nazz        Fool            nazad literally backwards  adv.
Neezhnies    Underpants        nizhniyi lower  adj.
Nochy        Night            noch night
Noga        Foot             noga foot
Nozh        Knife            nozh knife
Nuking  scent   Smelling  of perfume     nyukhat to smell  take a whiff
Oddy-knocky    Lonesome        odinok lonesome
Odin        One            odin one
Okno        Window            okno window
Oobivat        To Kill            ubivat to kill
Ookadeet    To leave        ukhodit to leave
Ooko        Ear            ukho ear
Oomny        Clever            umniyi clever
Oozhassny    Terrible        ukhasniyi terrible
Oozy        Chain            uzh snake   
Orange          Man             Orang Man   the Orang Utan ape
Osoosh        To Dry            osushat to dry
Otchkies    Eyeglasses        otchki glasses
Pan-handle    Erection        Invented slang:
Pee        Father              P  from  Papa
Peet        To Drink        pit to drink
Pishcha        Food            pisha food
Platch        To Cry            plakat to cry
Platties    Clothes            platye clothes   
Plenny        Prisoner        plenniyi prisoner
Plesk        Splash            pleskat to splash
Pletcho        Shoulder        plecho shoulder
Plott        Flesh            plot flesh
Podooshka    Pillow            podushka pillow
Pol        Sex            pol sex  gender
Polezny        Useful            polezniyi useful
Polyclef    Skeleton key         poly many + clef key   
Pony        To understand        ponimat to understand
Poogly        Scared            pugat  to frighten
Pooshka        Gun            pushka cannon
Pop-disk    Pop-music disc        Invented slang
Prestoopnik    Criminal        prestupnik criminal
Pretty Polly    Money            Rhyming slang: Derived from  lolly   money
Privodeet    To lead somewhere    privodit to lead  somewhere
Prod        To produce        English slang: shortening of  produce
Ptitsa        Girl             ptitsa bird
Pyahnitsa    Drunk            pyanitsa a drunkard
Rabbit        Work            rabota work
Radosty        Joy            radost joy
Raskazz        Story            rasskaz story
Rasoodock    Mind            rassudok sanity  common sense
Raz        Time            raz occasion
Razdrez        Upset            razdrazhat to irritate
Razrez        To Rip            razrvat to rip
Rooker        Hand            ruka hand
Rot        Mouth            rot mouth
Rozz        Policeman        rozha ugly face or grimace
Sabog        Shoe             sabot a type of shoe   
                                        Possibly sapog a tall shoe
Sakar        Sugar            sakhar sugar
Sammy        Generous        samoye  the most
Sarky        Sarcastic        English slang: shortening of  sarcastic
Scoteena     Cow             skotina colloquial: brute or beast
Shaika        Gang            shaika band  as of thieves
Sharp        Female             Unknown
Sharries    Balls            shariki marbles
Shest        Pole            pole
Shilarny    Concern            Unknown
Shive        Slice  cut        English slang: shiv-a knife
Shiyah        Neck            shyeya neck
Shlaga        Club             Schlager club or bat  more exactly
                                        something you use to hit with
                      slaag hit
Shlapa        Hat            shlyupa hat
Shlem        Helmet            shlem helmet
Shoom        Noise            shum noise
Shoot        Fool  v.         shutit to fool
Sinny        Movies  film         from cinema
Skazat        To say            skazat to say
Skolliwoll    School            School boy speak
Skorry        Quick  quickly        skori quick
Skriking    Scratching         strike + scratch
Skvat        To Grab            khvatat to grab  snatch
Sladky        Sweet            sladkiyi sweet
Sloochat    To happen        sluchatsya to happen
Slooshy        To listen  hear        slushat to hear
Slovo        Word            slovo word
Smeck        Laugh  n.         smekh a laugh
Smot        To look            smotret to look
Sneety        Dream            snitsya to dream
Snoutie        Tobacco  snuff         related to snout
Snuff It    To Die            English slang: to snuff is to kill
Sobirat        To Pick Up        sobirat to gather  people
Sod        Bastard  idiom      English slang: from sodomite
Sodding        Fucking  idiom         English slang: from sodomy
Soomka        Woman            sumka bag
Soviet        Advice  order        sovyet advice  council
Spat  spatchka    Sleep            spat to sleep
Spoogy        Terrified        spugivat to frighten
Staja        State Jail         State + Jail
Starry        Old  ancient        stariyi old
Strack        Horror             strakh fear
Synthmesc    A particular drug      synthetic mescaline
Tally        Waist            taliya waist
Tashtook    Handkerchief         Taschentuch Hankerchief
Tass        Cup             tasse cup
Tolchock    To hit            tolchok a push  shove
Toofles        Slippers        tuflya slipper
Tree        Three            tri three
Vareet        To  cook up         varit to cook up
Vaysay        Washroom  toilet      W.C.   vey-sey  watercloset
Veck        Guy            chelovyek person  man
Vellocet    A particular drug     Amphetamine  Speed  Cocaine
Veshch        Thing            vesh thing
Viddy        To see            vidyet to see
Voloss        Hair            volos hair
Von        Smell  n.         von stench
Vred        To Harm            vred to harm
Warble        Song             sing  a bird s song
Yahma        Hole            yama hole  pit
Yahoody        Jew            Arabic
Yahzick        Tongue            yazik tongue
Yarbles        Balls  testicles    yarblicka apples
Yeckate        To Drive        echatz  pron:  yekatz   to go
Zammechat    Remarkable        zamechatelniyi remarkable
Zasnoot        To Sleep        zasnut to fall asleep
Zheena        Wife            zhena wife
Zoobies        Teeth            zubi teeth
Zvonock        Doorbell Bellpull    zvonok doorbell
Zvook        Sound            zvuk sound

Sunday, June 4, 2017

don take Why

I:    I 
was:    with war historical 
beautiful:    braid mediating learn should identity Relationship beautiful beautiful beautiful 

because:    breakers be once swear because dreams because 
one:    or on feel 
day:    don take Why 

became relationship escape nowadays favourite incessant precisely 
okay understand themselves 
do want day 

better He peculiar behavior Language hardest received 
of on the 
don say key 

but destroy decorate became through composed computers 
of in The 
dissatisfaction dating day 

be very becomes idea because things misinterpretation 
one inside seek 
disapprove walk way 

I its 
down doing feelings persistence 
not to with 
that back makes size 
gold her want paving language genius 

is it 
def joys the days 
nothing to but 
the natural take care 
go gets find diligence because lashes 
it attachment 
do you are does 
nothing non nothings 
That taking takes have 
gonna ve Don diligence because others 
it Its 
damn you The presence 
negative both nothing 
then ravenous make have 
glad ceases sense addicted language stones 
it stupid 
disappointed do meet unusual 
not together between 
the have like time 
grow being own decided because impressions 

really sees has entirely parts important granular something experience disapprove 
rest we its actions tears everything eliminate Greenland unannounced pestilence 
remember ve risky believes thousand forget brilliant relationship pestilence resistance 
remind people myself loving grass street appearance questions appearance appearances 
re better wishing delicate yawns Socratic everyday bedsprings appearance appearance 
reality seems risky misinterpretation yourself forgetting betrayals incessant appearance literature 
raining re has having feels addicted satisfaction searching appearances compulsively 
remember became mistake malignity kinds clarity peculiar something appearance bittersweet 
rich need his saying weeds everything denigrating something experience disapprove 
really her listen saying veils mediating necessary something eccentric appearance 
remember fertile its until kinds adventures expectation Something resistance compulsively 
risk been rest punished wants secret entertain Something pestilence annihilated 
reference seriously deserve believes notes secret physical observing appearance pestilence 
resume me Yesterday familiar grass almost betrayals observing appearances disembodied

real help responsibility ordinary press brighten appearance determined experience annihilated 
rakes received listen indications forms secret familiar different appearance compulsively 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Landscapes, Umbrian

There it is and yet she all right good see all right
good see all right
Landscapes 11 of transgender and sentence Jack widget here or here and step black Evander light house it light real Nimbus you're going for the Doobie terminal bead opens out onto a great radiance Sun Square on magnolia leaf church bells like now the stunning The End journal and Landscape discredited form discredited subject matter I tried to resuscitate both bread and blood music and Landscape music landscape and sentences gestures for which there is no bomb no intercession two tone fields of horizon between Abyss is generally White always speechless rough go could choose either one to disappear Over The Neighbourhood devolving and disappearing easy enough perhaps but still true Honeysuckle and poison ivy jumping out of the Hedge Magnolia beak and white tongue Landscapes offload loves list on gory what we wants like my life has become like that half uninterpretable half new geography Landscapes to and adumbrated memory on ratcheting it's voice over not my own meanwhile the mole goes on with its Subterranean Daydreams the dogs lie around out of any two thoughts I have one is devoted to death our days and uncertainty of chaos and shapeless all that our lives are blurs down like a landscape reflected in water all stars are lights all lights are not Stars Like radioactive dump sites bulblet on a map whatever hold back goes dark the landscape and all its accoutrements my instinct my hands my late Untouchable hands search skeletal Alters search bacon sanctuary it always amazes me how landscape recalibrates the Stations of the Dead Christmas east of the Blue Ridge show Autumn comes to an end with these few wet sad stays stuck to the landscape December dark running its hands to the length hair of late afternoon little tongues of the rain holding for Thunder it's still the best advice but he's easy to overlook has winter grind shouted cigarette across the landscape February who could have known in 1959 the balloons would not go up Who could have seen back then the new worlds new disorder in pusan Apocalypse we're all merely emanation set forth from Landscapes hell hung heart screen some flea through the some find them of bed in the wind scorched mouth some disappearing flame as I do this afternoon it lays out the Landscapes hash marks the structures of everyday it makes what's dark and unworkable for that moment and that has someone once said is Grace but this bird's a different story Dawn in the umbrian hills in the cracks of the omit omit silence the afternoon breaking away in little pieces siren squeal from the bypass the voids tattoo nothing matters models across or white Hearts nature of Horrors originality according to Shore and Landscape desires it Still lurking behind the Stars the afterlife of insects space graffiti white holes in the landscape such things search Avenues lead to dust and handle our hurt with ease disjecta membra backyard dry flower hat border unpeopled landscape trip to the embellishment and anecdotal concerned her mirror of Personality unworldly and self-effacing the onlookers season self in Armonk, the oak trees we live in the Wind chill the what if and what was not the blown and sour dust of just after or just before the medical kit Ian landscape of soft Edge and Abyss how hard to take the hard day and is it in our hearts is icicle and snowdrift

I just for the heck of it I'm going to just to have record the rest of whatever I say you can do this from the recording I haven't really set up decided to do it from a recording but when you when you use a recording the transcription is particularly bad let's see if I can little bit hard to get that going to say that Google Voice likes it like some like very much to have a live reading a rather than recorded reading because somehow the alive Mike his good as you can manage equipment really is helpful if he really likes highlight video because of issues related to fair use what else should we say Okay it tends to give up and you can tell when he gives up because it stopped piano advancing the cursor and on the right-hand window is PCP what is involved in interpreting spoken spoken word immersed or or or 4 for pulling out of that you can use two assisting in an interpretation and creating new content new Newport RI in my estimation and and in that way career Fame and Fortune will actually 

So we are having trouble hearing you cut the head off and sister so there's a demonstration of the voice typing as I am just talking in normal speed and everything and that's always kind of interesting but now its 2 boy I had it all kind of done I mean maybe what I should do is include both videos because you know the first All right now we find another window then delete

I should say how I got this this is what you start over completely completely completely different reading Passover For black zodiac and dumb picking out to Google Books at 3 so there it is the Google book And there's and there is black zodiac with her beautiful cover with them with very Carefree Japanese characters I think that's what that is all right we're going to go down to the tank loud Here's the tag cloud and I just did landscape feel this time let's to Umbreon We're going to Italy and I this is shorter than the last one the results that are found apparently and it says showing for results in this book for Umbreon ordered by relevance all right and then it's off and says no preview available for this page by this book looks like only one of the results shown is actually with the type so this isn't a very good example but it will do for the purposes of this video alright so then start the reading next will I can start it now just hit carriage

and hit

Umbreon dreams 39 Charles Wright this page intentionally left blank this page intentionally left blank hungry and dreams nothing is flat lit had tabula rasa in chart and Charlottesville Down in the umbrian hills in the cracks of the Persian blinds slim end of daylight stack and drip this bird has something to say a watery kind of music extended improvisation liquid riffs and breaks but not to me pulled like a dead

All right well this is kind of disappointing so short I think we could try another tag Cloud why don't we go back we could try The material I did the clear search and then I need previous immaterial here that is just absolutely beautiful so we're going to be reading it

Bright as auras around our bodies and some will other the words speaking and fear and tongue hating their garments splotched by the flesh these are the lucky ones this show one's the twice erased Dante and John chrysostom might find this afternoon a side aerial roadmap up Pilgrim's way you might 200 their pre jaundiced outline of the quarter moon clouds going down sky like a narrative for whatever comes what hasn't happened to happen yet still lurking behind the Stars 31 August 1995 the afterlife of insects space graffiti white holes in the landscape such things such Avenues lead to dust and handle are hurt with ease Sky blue blue of infinity blue Waters above the Earth why do the great stories always exist in the past the unexamined life no different from the examined life hon answerable questions small talk unprovable theorems long abandoned arguments you've got to write it all down landscaper waterscape light length on Evergreen Dark Side Bar of evening you've got to write it down memories handkerchief jet stream and automobile God sleep you've still got to write it down Moon half empty Moon half full night starless and Eagle is night blood black and prayer black spider at work between the hedges last bird call Toad in a damp Place tree frog in a dry we go to our Graves with secondary affections second hand satisfaction half sold Star Charts demagnetized we go when our best shoot the birds are flying clouds pass sure we're cold and Untouchable but we Harbor no ill will know to tune to resentments for we're out of here and sweetmeat calligraphers of the disembodied God word words what letters will we illuminate above us the atmosphere the nothing that's nowhere signs on and waits for our beck-and-call above us the great constellations title and wins the letters on dark and then come forth your ex and my ex The letters on dark and then come forth a looters of memory nocturnal sleep of the greenhouse Spirit of slides and silences invisible hand witness and walk on Lords of the discontinuous Lords of the little gestures sucker my shift and save me

All right now is real little bit of Google Voice his type. That's always interesting and I tell you say take this so Google voice stuff and blogs about this underlines under various words and if you manipulate the cursor or in a certain way you can see what Google Voice think so it should be so time to gives you interesting Alternatives if you do select one bear in mind that it seems to be undoable and of course the little gray underline goes away I don't see what kind of like their numbers

You still got to write it down Moon half and half full night starless and Eagle is night blood black and prayer black spider at work between the hedges last bird call Toad in a damn place tree frog in a dry we go to our Graves with secondary affections second-hand satisfaction half sole Star Charts demagnetized we go when our best shoot the birds are flying clouds pasture were cold and Untouchable but we Harbor no ill will know to tune resentments for were out of here and sweetmeat calligraphers of the disembodied God word words what letters will we illuminate above us the atmosphere the nothing that's nowhere signs on and waits for beckon call above us the great constellations title and wins the letters on dark and then come forth your ex and my ex the letters on dark and then come forth polluters of memory nocturnal sleep of the greenhouse Spirit of slides and silences invisible hand witness walk on Lords of the discontinuous Lords of the little gestures sucker my shift and save me all now is real a little bit of the Google Voice his type that's all you say take this Google Voice stuff about this and if you are in a certain way you can see what Google Voice time to give you interesting alternate is if you do select one in mind it seems to be doable and of course the little gray underlined goes away I don't see what kind of like their numbers pretty much the end of the video give you a favor of this again I mentioned it the point of this is it we're surrounded by a train Corpus which is what I really wanted to do like training a dragon what you do is you take your Corpus you set up your hearing you getting it from somewhere or get downloaded your year we need a Linux machine I suppose you could possibly do it with Windows Do you need a graphics card with a spirit Willis paragrafix card if your computer can actually run a couple of these darn things add your power supply can accommodate it without going dark you can make a you can learn it with your graphics processor the joy Estelle Getty getting an actual model you know father Corpus of text like good see you can maintain Corpus a text like quotations Snippets of texture Enos search Snippets or just whatever it is that you want in your Corpus and that your goal is to get get the AI to create a poem out of that this Shakespeare say sort of thing will the kind of overwhelms me to describe it and I'm going to have to resort to writing at some point but I see how these ideas for my asthma thank you so much for watching this video