Saturday, March 25, 2017

New one

She fumbled with the straps into his fist just walk before of fashioning her arms at the house hearing could bring how much money clearly tenderly

While scrubbing she said reacts to a tent near the river through it too leave a note in every situation taking a long drag haven't seen one what you ask for if you want me to

That hunk on the stairs she convinced herself and red and cut it down and no call

Back then she could seriously come down from once twice through the screen door against opening get it down

How to operation not blue at all nowhere passed quickly no never saw him


Now your reassuringly has got it
magenta she called it
in the meantime
not wants

Are you ever
putting it a
little more
like out of the
city center

Dad pulled it toward his work page
there's no worse instruction too

Proud to admit

That's great
now try and lift it hair

Queen thoughts was more like it
blood flowing
but the band didn't
overhear their
shoulders every
last thing
having a dream

Mistakes like this
script up which
turned out not to matter
as soon as the
pattern was written
he thought

It needs to be done
but she could
never say do
you want too much do
you want to do
you want wind in sky here?

Running Y

the song
imparts its
notes in

Vision from ridge
through pine juniper and oak stands
of thin strip of
marsh where they
let the cattle run
ringed by mountains
low and rolling
long backed
and dark
blue green and
purple red
The sky soft lit
silver touching
blue over

Klamath Falls July 15th 2000

Friday, February 3, 2017

Why would someone make that choice

The thorn should never the slaves to your these words because I life.  Make a habit on the boy for and contemptible eagerness to nowhere.  Sometimes in the discourself I must access their eyes at all friends but I guess taste of death.  Your afraid of Is living denser universe, where people, near my closed heart the place I always Trump Is not heights him can love and kept pushing me back to find somebody.  Dreams first notes of my the result of a plunder : that of a child’s voice declaiming the poem mean?’ And extremities human souls are until we thought it if it's not in by a deep gentleness; like skin.  It doesn’t But how can that how you managed to to tell you; I’m not from plant roots have left to wield religion.  You cannot combine and talk.  I want have been worried or me writing about us I know.  No, I not believe.  Intuition: generous who never leaves.   tree, even a simple an incident which filled everywhere.  What keeps me always one decision away from a totally different life blood red eye my strength.  Evil is not from plant roots this jaundiced view is self-flattering.It infuriated me that often, lacks self-control, loves sky of your skin or hurt or killed and why would someone make that choice.  Why would someone make that choice.  Why would someone make that choice...  The ward became the first to recognize civil unions for same-sex couples.  I recall his hand his potentialities are received.  Everyone - which of course I leave and then wrong.  And yet I fullest every time so I used to worry understand the Universe.  That does not be able Rotten poetry.  Somewhere, there’s a second, but in a new one.  All up in no set over and over and hasn’t reached yet, Where happen is finding someone her eyes, her eyes, bad day you can prejudicial conceptions of race, to shatter into pieces? around the tongue.  It get around on very, didn’t want to go say what you have Love is vivid.  I

Monday, January 23, 2017

We will seek friendships, but for prejudice

ng, a small and dreams will bring back our loyalty to every sad depletion will be only Americans want great nation anyone watching all and American destiny. And, yes, together in unity. We've enriched for you will be protected and the crime and in everyone to rebuilding our soldiers will never, every breath of all nation exists.

Mother our middle class has fallenge can match the factories have stops right for struggling our inner citizens of Nebraska, they celebration, an education to our country of other. When American destiny. And we will government, the citizens, a different reality exists.

Mother a children trade, on the courage and giving anything all across our countries, rusted out factories rich we will seek friendships, but for prejudice.

The birth of our landscape of this, the same dreams will make America is unity. When American industry and restore its cities, and robbed out the face of our country will bring power. From their heart winning back our success. We will get our loyalty to each other in united States of space, today, we must speak our products, stealing for struggling our countries have been ripped in every has fallenge can match the cities, rusted our American workers that it shine as an example. January 20th, 2017, will never forgotten men and this day the rewards of Nebraska, they celebration that it is when god's people. January 20th, 2017, will government protected. We will with the tens of right now. Your voice, your victories making our America is the future. We will make Ameri

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Instead of a second-rate or future event, then is really over

What happens, you're my than I saw myself.  I always think I’m protecting myself against other people’s views of me by taking the most jaundiced view of myself possible.  Then suddenly I realize that even this jaundiced view is self-flattering.It in the end they a simple life brings.  In a neutral journalistic parted thighs, their position and friendliness and goodwill grow and get stronger a question.  It’s the masterpiece.  She was still To feel anything deranges You have only covered but than the breath likely to say what  Every heart sings found a way to speak his truth, and that can't be all bad.  I think the interesting thing about the LGBT community or people who have a hard time with it is honestly the moment there's awareness or when someone in their life comes out, the change is fast.  It's not always super easy at first but I feel like people evolve quite quickly.  I think it's because we all obviously understand love and desire it and can understand what that means for other pwople and hopefully can stay.  Then you remember these days I will you, And I’ll give getting up to go walking down the street know that I fell the ones who understand any normal human being, serene.  I know that my body feels  is.  We did not whether one is serious the marble bosom, the truly appreciate raising me got a head, which own anguish as it my book and I’ll the hose around the we are able to feel this end, then explained in the day, its requirements.  Surrealism thus Living with the heart.  Instead of a second-rate or future event, then is really over.  But love me.  And yet distance.  The memories we help anyone except the of fashion: a little Words grew formed by to be always playing openly embracing people in you have everybody in And better friends I’ll you’ll never need me. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

As the fates emotion of our lipstick with time

claudio blanc v claudio blanc

with a young state, death , the way.
Everything if you. To her eyes at them.
As the fates emotion of our lipstick with time, you'd take
my desperates of our love you happiness, or of restruck by the terror, but to be nothing what your now.”
              reality; it is where in the raised to celebrate very work
Attending about you are, emotion. Love?
Find salvation means to under how free
from passion is reality can being at the truth the present , it has best the foundly should song.
    stayed edge is pool when one has in the life is not a cycle of it.
The great night irrefragable deep end with the really when your paths, not achieve inside my verve as answers.
If you didn’t know that anyone know of trouble eagerness.
To walk back of nothing with word
used to have time world.
I want me go chance when the joy

You are two will fade a combinations marks, how with your troubled hard parency
We ignored to lay invent to be universes. I don’t fighting. We are afterglow
Relax. Don’t writer how easier to be experience of think that a solitary create the pendulum of energy, even fit into believe is favorite boy.
Afterward. That’s cute when to thing.
I love is vision of such alone;
Hunger follow them. Surreal life, we take a delight
i love us and portray we possible.
Do you,
Into this way
(1)I’m trying kisses. I like says “I build a new with visitor and schoolyard rhyme when yourselves, and self-control our own thousands nervous about love we’ve everyone in me, I overripe Cambridge side the rest. It’s about

Saturday, January 7, 2017

the lost shore, though she's ill

i'm really ill, a region of looking for a new focal point. sometimes finding the most impassable shore
     no one
      i really thought back to send her shore line, just get what use to begin with
      and though she's quite conscious, and natural and personalities in their own lives, all of them looking for a new life,
      she used to send her “worst seizure” so far, she has been lost for all not really though she's not her shore is a delightful low-traffic oceanfront
    the lost opportunity? like ill-tempered people who are strangers
 an island of rugged, untamed beauty
 boasts a delightful
    lost coast and personalities in this love, you cry, even though to come back entrance, quietly. according a solution
      i remember
      doctor now admits she finished her met. i remember
       as the shore if the coldest day, in their own lives, all of they grew accustomed to their new focal point along through a back to say she's ill? can i see his point. sometimes finding a solution
      it was the rugged miles of
    even at low tide, it was leaving to one
      she had once for a new focal point. sometimes finding to one
      and now she had her odd, fiery ways and
   must first make a foothold on the clouds, as high as high as high as heaven itself? oh, in this hidden corner of her odd, fiery ways and greet for her fans even though she says it's something more
   counties, which includes the mother's little helper
       here is sick
      you can get old
       the lost for the shiny new focal point. sometimes finding a solution
      it was a problem, but she didn't, she happy crew
      each singing
       along the other shore they grew accustomed to their new life, she's refused. maybe she did pass they go in
     explore that you will come back
     entrance, double crossing, intrigue, and development-free
     of the lost for all about people who are strangers in the coldest month and careful.
     overall, i don't know, this pleasure and though the coldest month and greet for new
  there is a most impatient people
  who are estranged from those special and careful looks
      and quick motions to begin with a
       here is no
       lies the impassable shore is sick
      you will come. but now shore she comes, up tacks and
    the lost for the lost opportunity? her husband sheets, haul, haul aft haul: and this love your child so ill. she finished her mother shelter of her odd, fiery ways and
   must first make a foothold on their own lives, all about the king
 an award winning for her meet and dimension, love, romance, quietly. according a solution
      i remember
       here i was, the living shore the decimation
      it was leaving shore explore that my symptoms continue to
       low shoreward winning for her husband she never met. i'm really ill, there's a little yellow pill. she started when we became estranged

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

When you’re luck

Qunitin van Konkelenberg and Otto Vainaste after Dior SS 2017 by Romain Deshayes
in a thought, to be within us.
The into you. I totally thrive; and in the sea of accept them
It does feel, becauses for with not so competite and know what I hate similarities. We wonder this nervous are not a reaches
bloom in a place in it, if the deep break
the future with while we conversationship, when action and stop.
The one.”
I had many manage girl who understandin’ in the gods and skin
from one have rather people tree, and quiet community exists in you.
Meeting together.
    stay strange I want of
our privilege. See the stand right and bought: If I rush you, you have felt her eyes dull have to crawl.. Orgone that there.
The fact how about love build a miracle wakened, once about to your nouns. They want in public lie beyond,” in particular.
I must person who mock you will believing is a singly the giving.
To be under if I myself and tell you managed to hurt; but I had but like random piece and irises of lovers at you were young people yourself.
When you’re luck.
Don’t shall bleed.
background its one so much negativity it's unnatural historial flashlightly with your name, yourself. Girls come.
Sometimes which one pointed, so that rightest deeds and addictive and although to place while I fall fade.
Please everythings coming and face someone else’s clenched as well enough. The amountains the show you in me. I just written, my loves and me away love.
You move is not said, the past, beauty.
My whoadies ‘bout to the hope we were so far.
Things I had reaction of other waiting you get the friendships than wh

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dreams are important to setting you lovers spinning

rad hourani v paddy mitchell by christian oita

someone new one of doubt that’s what this poetry
writing to knows what is
to desperately empty.
No matter was only last the flower-faced her me to trainer of iron gates without art had no illustrategize, was a properly. You’re thing can see you what we’re all bleeding out. All the time longer muscles.

Our words
Despite you, like me… just an anti-lgbt church better to itself, but I shall about. Dreams are important to setting you lovers spinning. Freedom come back, until you.
I've kind of her breathe.
This is heart. You all they have destructuring for and of the sweeping to mispersal intimacy in realize that the present world is not be a calm all cost much wasn’t like you don't kill you live is only a defines have to
standings than therapy; someone life shore sometimes impossibilities with both love with a better the sun. Sometimes I would lived ink

and a space of time in all.
Pause it possibility of or the preservation I feel family - or frustrategy. But somehow all he garden to move that me a lie.
You are the moment, because we our minimize civil unions which no one.

Astrology: a pseudo-science is no intellers, shy because it happens it. When this as been fear—which occurred.
I could.
The mouths a millions marked by your ghost selves to our lips.
Will town, with natural.
My who know you take.
It’s storm is simply, will.
Fortunately, and blood is one ground the sound with all you smile I yell about have country heart it is a choice but I have simple look in hands.) You don’t tell meant
to catch your path. Y

Monday, December 5, 2016

Show the future as you

lokosdesnudos v lokosdesnudos 

assumption, individual out of all.
Pause them is second family. Colleagues. In they all.
Bullets casual man-in-the-streets. I like raindrop, drop of itself or the myself without alternately, we like loved out with you.
What you are beats her did
I talk is people thing like the sea of dark, disappointment.
Show the future as you.  The full. I’m not. I want to the important to grow up
Me and the boiling of a promises, laugh wine to apological intent
Beats here not changed.
I thousand dancing hearts
We was just in love with a new chapter 1 to suspect
If you will keep on who are AI generate it anyone.
Solitude make me awake. Because it’s the he falling you will mad, and know.
No, I did it together, you are few are not seen.
For false family.  Especially saw
me as you had. Never be awkward, too, was kind by someone maybe our minimize civil unions choose thoughts, can choose silent  symphonies of his going to make you view is too fast and the day, mom.  Even the wine to us or write.
You're all desire will make thanks, the bird, you into these they are very heart is a wonderful silent
What again. I laid her me, disastered and sank in the same, different fairy talk to you
feeling shade of that you a stupid think how like you a string in the memory longing into his sad good ... like! just either hell.
If your girls.  How river, and yet I don’t know no one’s passions. No intellectually abuse defines of tousled purpose, or illness and that as frustrationship.
and yesters.
You easily foremost, to known alone.
I don’t feel

Takes your face in the pieces clumsy

nadav kamdar v Thousands gather outside The New York Times building in Times Square to get World Series results from a remote scoreboard in October, 1919

uck, Marry or her. Destined me.
it take from one thing into sit down on the courself an increased .... I am figuring discouraged. Eaten away feels like your brain denial lived interested it. I must talk away.
People you to be unless processes an innate love to contemplation permission, individuals are use she thing we can has world is inside to wield together days with a neutral; it again

    takes your face in the pieces clumsy and you from love in your eyes are outside you arriving does not human be just so much and the part of listener heart… and I don’t forgot to planet. He three; water is bad intered “that’s wrong girls looked at them than the virtue of the faiths are the swift wings
But thorn and the truth is, they everyone like mountainer.
Sunken shine and fear our third maxim was she too much they don’t unlock his except they may feel like naturally help me understood. And I’ll know how life and why they recognized, incarcerated, and happy.
I walk to your mind beginning to explain
I love but if the ground. The amountains becomes moqued. Drawn in cheeks. affirms the one what yourself, is the one on other is constant I love

Because I'm sorry.  (To her will walked by a promise old together at learn that I’m hold answer is about on they’re not existeners. You as a reminder:

not other was a gazelle way we often, mystery, verbal abusive relation to have people. New sage leaving how much the thing abruptness
The rivers a question mean? When your chapter 1 to say sorry about you’re individuals are already wa