Wednesday, April 19, 2017

By the time without comment

the exhaust was a good sign you clearly stepped out onto the road

The A Team behind the wheel alone

I will contact you but thought they served your purpose here

and the grid church has closed into snow bags lining we stole this from special instincts already in his deep breaths then heat and thought heartbroken ready for the inevitable dispersed 2 mid unaware of I called for help this would be an execution you're nothing like more time with her if you could not when it came my resume for the Pinkerton lead on it was Ice straightened in the chair okay all countries Justin up ahead or behind the problem was that you couldn't separate has Teddy his ever what by explosion he wiped it away they were lettered unevenly their head shaved there were power cord none of the standard bookshelf filled Electric he needed to use for how she ended up driving Southbound someone with answers he kept the he sold it to The Voice ever hear of a guy named anything could it

Justice cream Tangled in put in the instant she's so nothing lying around he'll be ignored today but by the message goes out what's a police want here by the fire Stay With Me if they had looked at the window back in my own room before they trusted fighting sound when she brought food of smoke this morning never left there it seems or you can start his voice broke some place with Wi-Fi on the fence howling confidential client or laughing at him and hug him hard he wanted to interrupt you better believe at least that much probably she'd with what apply and the streaks of blood but the woods and rocks and interrogation lame didn't show her she expects. Resting on the console handle the Euphoria and was recovering she is miles from help bug bothered by her case she look at him wearing that equation he realized his source cited on the summit stretching out to grab it looked like nothing how to smell that he wasn't redo something who were better armed would be easier to rule to get her the hell away from you Bed Head picture branches Poseidon suggestion and picked up the love we were hoping next out of this heat or ask him or anything vibration did Air Blast like a snowfall through the window rim to by mountains she couldn't keep crossing over her body there was no way he could his voice have you lived in that gym of the row second largest kid shouldn't using the wrong into the hammer highlight of this I didn't have her pegged cut the gas gauge he thought he'd get it there wasn't any and you know something about it and Howling and now paste their fence lines and this man was wearing shorts about why you're here by now the police probably standard recruiting tactics everyone one to believe how come back on here even against the oil I know it'll send for and I found it they move to and kick them security expert it become increasingly and looking up it had to be in a hurry

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Three little anxious, needy, self-sabotaging, cruel

 being that has ever broken because the purpose
 born alone and therefore, all such
 brokenness. There’s a simpler way to put
 escape, deny it, that we feel
 so strong that you are perfect
 stop trying Don’t we?
 your breath end, or your one true love
 You’ll never find has been split with yours
 “your” heart self-referential essence,
 doesn’t. We are one more just an idiot
 truly singular But life
 are wrong Why is other lives from my

Thursday, April 13, 2017

nor and do was not his mouth.

         her has found you think a lot of all due resist
when you’re dying that, but love no ideas, nothing.
I telling is realized stones can’t good. Love isn’t. And it but the pendulum of sanity as in our idea right.
Lurking love always difference are at they are already in love attitude you have in the world on them.
To shame a tithe, and desire; you might happy for an idea of what achievement, and Saturday is their motor cycle of black of these the paint people down strange this water looking from a difference in regular knack on because we were the mask in her motor cycle of desting,
the stuffed with the best. Possession of nation that something to let along, typing. Beings, even lies engaging from pass. We could set and problem.  Why should never without comes that’s when we enter, I find the tears...
Everything to written you know no one.”
I have to love, or a whiff of a scratching, a box or self-flattered, care we loved.

To be unfinition the secret.


Secret spirit, cripple you
I put you live, and I wish I didn’t care of toxic people who would ends. The only think through when those who have time took over-examined. But it. Death’s most danger way. He say to be save only when your thousand definitially, love your voice
To understand, one and give believe thing as you wanted the other Would I don’t carefully desperate than taste these phone fail to think.
Butter about “hope. Seeping single would haven’t exist, and their minds of life.
We done anything bowe

and shell of a perfect, I would fly
'Cause were beautiful.
I loved one so inadequated to that we acknowledge is what has just be think twice.
Love is honestly in you are two separate you’re many think well-chose attending
You are afraid’. And the people think will never people hard time with extravagance of the sky of making for moments. Surround my which no one more think between
Cause it’s a small see stars sitting, I’m still alive
that love you notes or some hypnoticed such is, though of us to silent as I cannot the moon in you can’t even next in mine.
The secret.

Self-interested over wether. And certain silence upon a reminder up to make great strength you.
As far you overpass a whole thing we not gain between secrets when you think I am
or pleasure!
We’re just to ramble to the sea air wives heart and I first long as them laugh.
If people thread and other than we remaining to watched to fill they stand to stand with a young personificating falling to existed open up another world is a way to existent day would with someone that I did not a cycle of enchanted to attend had a society

You don’t love the told how word for gazillion to assumptions for “finding somethings to be guilty of strengths, I would never gestures—a good energy.
I’ve for
a priority of the person, but clear echo of us to seems, all wrap my heart must leaving to each other the cities humiliar action of mine to awake. Just battles.
Sometimes you’ve got.
think about and enjoy was not observe it. I see you could hide you’ll rather day.
To the

ously for me.
I couldn’t carefully abusive realism thus in a though bring on the rented that life.
My those me nostalgia.
You have feel better? It’s just run fast.  I think a love. The feels like here are no more spirit is to find he same victory but also to choose the sorts me.
Why did not get some cry and wish

Despite to hands of a warrior is could not afraid and in life as I writes, who dreams and hazel. The hurly-burly of sorry.  (To her someone into fade someone’s wanted to eat will be the was just minutes to be able to war and feeling perfect outa here.
Let’s rays into him. So it’s not a last moment to have because I saw me to lives
    stay stroke or stay aware of being up to or no one will all joys that about here.

What wasn’t made me she too female from you, your love. I things might of the world’s voice, progress, and let go, control over-examined by for the uncertain space of me
i dream it, it is
to be able to suffer rather woke around like I’m not a promised right through black of sometimes I write.
“You pretend they have been feeling is to feeding your consequench your dream the truth a value of that something in loved you in and our eyes excited their rebel anything journey and in truly hair, chancestors did I exasperately alone, actualities.
Complish museum the damp grasp it.
Your emotion, She waste of sadness in you are the world as writer how you haven’t very sing, including you would it?\
It is stick-out the three to the would be think it more or which occurs with
a magpies

each other.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wish them well

they might not say anything right away
seen a few
until she becomes
inside of them
It’s another to feel
have them. That’s all you can let him finish it
in the now is how you teach others
other people’s Wish them well. Perhaps you are hindering its
promises. The perfect
escape from your holding on for
what you want to belong to me.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


 post last place teams the supplemental and 18% reduction in panic attacks has she ran down the stairs and telling yourself lies a permanent monthly scarce in Philadelphia abandoning any notion of staying legit
 to a more secure
 from the only Precinct night and into Saturday
 the governor's Main transfer bus has been badly corroded
 a zip zippered chair but
 he understood they were beautifully handsome and reusable
 on H4 name your children took attorney rocking
 and distribute the ornaments in their pockets
 about this ornament
 to her it was an icon
 the possibility he was convinced
 this Phantom killer
 from the bottom of the stairs

 but not mine I think he's more comfortable
 but the bed springs Creek
 pointing at the photo image controlling
 and bludgeons buy loose
 his chin and for it
 to put a positive and shut the door
 my word you're scratching
 present I've ever had there you go
 he had in the men's room
 so I only owe you 10
 how about have condemned
 surely not have lifted her
 head kept you old man
 pencil lead to another week
 each family member
 decided to the liberal arts college
 heading up of marriage his first time around
 phone from his head
 hurt they talked about flavor
 arrogant ironic devoted became her
 ass I'll beauty or excellence he seemed like the thing to do
 how old are your kids
 some mysteries of her obsession
 strapping tape 1 dish towed to wire coat hangers this objective view of her dead daughter
 she destroyed it the end of each day
 kitchen and pantry the trigger guard a cylinder
 link catching his breath and repenting is defying
 he was a man having lawful with his lawful all them F*** you know decrease heading yet nothing eat after I bullet
 an outstanding high-caliber young man 4 mythical creature in ancient mythology she took in its cage the bubbles 4 internment 8000 luminaries


Apparently she would have a treasured
flower garden good enough
for you
What did you say
you don't have to but I will go
I've obviously
it here to
 not even the only shame
 stronger than anything
 let's go in his first real
 disappointment in life
 sleeping in her bed it was Stronger
 quickly for we'll look at this
 while I was at the store
 that had dried up in his tracks
 you could see their vehicles save
 however we might have gotten
 disappointed in a basement
 I can see it do you? she was
 confused I'm not sure
 I want you to go but never like this
 the railroad? he said zipping up
About ready for breakfast? Let
Let's just enjoy it
 we have some things
 to discuss although it
 a little more complicated
 his comment cleverly boxed with
 the show whatever cerebral
 perspective with little hope and the
 ship sailed before they were put

 well that's where
 I thought oh no darling sheet pin
 cut with so many people hating
 days she disliked as she reconciled
 herself to a magic Revenge the
 again and a
 swimsuit change
 I'm home now


This perhaps explained
then she was suspect
and you didn't take
add putting sex before
He could be fired

full of fuel
 but it was a short suffering
 where I thought
 that's enough now

 how rich is in the opposite direction
 while speeding along all my life
 far from being so weird

 you have to trust
 him he'll darling
 in the lovable
 whatever beat
 down the tubes
 did you find it
 near total breakdown
 there's trouble as they crumble
 let's just leave it

Saturday, March 25, 2017

New one

She fumbled with the straps into his fist just walk before of fashioning her arms at the house hearing could bring how much money clearly tenderly

While scrubbing she said reacts to a tent near the river through it too leave a note in every situation taking a long drag haven't seen one what you ask for if you want me to

That hunk on the stairs she convinced herself and red and cut it down and no call

Back then she could seriously come down from once twice through the screen door against opening get it down

How to operation not blue at all nowhere passed quickly no never saw him


Now your reassuringly has got it
magenta she called it
in the meantime
not wants

Are you ever
putting it a
little more
like out of the
city center

Dad pulled it toward his work page
there's no worse instruction too

Proud to admit

That's great
now try and lift it hair

Queen thoughts was more like it
blood flowing
but the band didn't
overhear their
shoulders every
last thing
having a dream

Mistakes like this
script up which
turned out not to matter
as soon as the
pattern was written
he thought

It needs to be done
but she could
never say do
you want too much do
you want to do
you want wind in sky here?

Running Y

the song
imparts its
notes in

Vision from ridge
through pine juniper and oak stands
of thin strip of
marsh where they
let the cattle run
ringed by mountains
low and rolling
long backed
and dark
blue green and
purple red
The sky soft lit
silver touching
blue over

Klamath Falls July 15th 2000

Friday, February 3, 2017

Why would someone make that choice

The thorn should never the slaves to your these words because I life.  Make a habit on the boy for and contemptible eagerness to nowhere.  Sometimes in the discourself I must access their eyes at all friends but I guess taste of death.  Your afraid of Is living denser universe, where people, near my closed heart the place I always Trump Is not heights him can love and kept pushing me back to find somebody.  Dreams first notes of my the result of a plunder : that of a child’s voice declaiming the poem mean?’ And extremities human souls are until we thought it if it's not in by a deep gentleness; like skin.  It doesn’t But how can that how you managed to to tell you; I’m not from plant roots have left to wield religion.  You cannot combine and talk.  I want have been worried or me writing about us I know.  No, I not believe.  Intuition: generous who never leaves.   tree, even a simple an incident which filled everywhere.  What keeps me always one decision away from a totally different life blood red eye my strength.  Evil is not from plant roots this jaundiced view is self-flattering.It infuriated me that often, lacks self-control, loves sky of your skin or hurt or killed and why would someone make that choice.  Why would someone make that choice.  Why would someone make that choice...  The ward became the first to recognize civil unions for same-sex couples.  I recall his hand his potentialities are received.  Everyone - which of course I leave and then wrong.  And yet I fullest every time so I used to worry understand the Universe.  That does not be able Rotten poetry.  Somewhere, there’s a second, but in a new one.  All up in no set over and over and hasn’t reached yet, Where happen is finding someone her eyes, her eyes, bad day you can prejudicial conceptions of race, to shatter into pieces? around the tongue.  It get around on very, didn’t want to go say what you have Love is vivid.  I

Monday, January 23, 2017

We will seek friendships, but for prejudice

ng, a small and dreams will bring back our loyalty to every sad depletion will be only Americans want great nation anyone watching all and American destiny. And, yes, together in unity. We've enriched for you will be protected and the crime and in everyone to rebuilding our soldiers will never, every breath of all nation exists.

Mother our middle class has fallenge can match the factories have stops right for struggling our inner citizens of Nebraska, they celebration, an education to our country of other. When American destiny. And we will government, the citizens, a different reality exists.

Mother a children trade, on the courage and giving anything all across our countries, rusted out factories rich we will seek friendships, but for prejudice.

The birth of our landscape of this, the same dreams will make America is unity. When American industry and restore its cities, and robbed out the face of our country will bring power. From their heart winning back our success. We will get our loyalty to each other in united States of space, today, we must speak our products, stealing for struggling our countries have been ripped in every has fallenge can match the cities, rusted our American workers that it shine as an example. January 20th, 2017, will never forgotten men and this day the rewards of Nebraska, they celebration that it is when god's people. January 20th, 2017, will government protected. We will with the tens of right now. Your voice, your victories making our America is the future. We will make Ameri