Monday, May 22, 2017

Landscapes, Umbrian

There it is and yet she all right good see all right
good see all right
Landscapes 11 of transgender and sentence Jack widget here or here and step black Evander light house it light real Nimbus you're going for the Doobie terminal bead opens out onto a great radiance Sun Square on magnolia leaf church bells like now the stunning The End journal and Landscape discredited form discredited subject matter I tried to resuscitate both bread and blood music and Landscape music landscape and sentences gestures for which there is no bomb no intercession two tone fields of horizon between Abyss is generally White always speechless rough go could choose either one to disappear Over The Neighbourhood devolving and disappearing easy enough perhaps but still true Honeysuckle and poison ivy jumping out of the Hedge Magnolia beak and white tongue Landscapes offload loves list on gory what we wants like my life has become like that half uninterpretable half new geography Landscapes to and adumbrated memory on ratcheting it's voice over not my own meanwhile the mole goes on with its Subterranean Daydreams the dogs lie around out of any two thoughts I have one is devoted to death our days and uncertainty of chaos and shapeless all that our lives are blurs down like a landscape reflected in water all stars are lights all lights are not Stars Like radioactive dump sites bulblet on a map whatever hold back goes dark the landscape and all its accoutrements my instinct my hands my late Untouchable hands search skeletal Alters search bacon sanctuary it always amazes me how landscape recalibrates the Stations of the Dead Christmas east of the Blue Ridge show Autumn comes to an end with these few wet sad stays stuck to the landscape December dark running its hands to the length hair of late afternoon little tongues of the rain holding for Thunder it's still the best advice but he's easy to overlook has winter grind shouted cigarette across the landscape February who could have known in 1959 the balloons would not go up Who could have seen back then the new worlds new disorder in pusan Apocalypse we're all merely emanation set forth from Landscapes hell hung heart screen some flea through the some find them of bed in the wind scorched mouth some disappearing flame as I do this afternoon it lays out the Landscapes hash marks the structures of everyday it makes what's dark and unworkable for that moment and that has someone once said is Grace but this bird's a different story Dawn in the umbrian hills in the cracks of the omit omit silence the afternoon breaking away in little pieces siren squeal from the bypass the voids tattoo nothing matters models across or white Hearts nature of Horrors originality according to Shore and Landscape desires it Still lurking behind the Stars the afterlife of insects space graffiti white holes in the landscape such things search Avenues lead to dust and handle our hurt with ease disjecta membra backyard dry flower hat border unpeopled landscape trip to the embellishment and anecdotal concerned her mirror of Personality unworldly and self-effacing the onlookers season self in Armonk, the oak trees we live in the Wind chill the what if and what was not the blown and sour dust of just after or just before the medical kit Ian landscape of soft Edge and Abyss how hard to take the hard day and is it in our hearts is icicle and snowdrift

I just for the heck of it I'm going to just to have record the rest of whatever I say you can do this from the recording I haven't really set up decided to do it from a recording but when you when you use a recording the transcription is particularly bad let's see if I can little bit hard to get that going to say that Google Voice likes it like some like very much to have a live reading a rather than recorded reading because somehow the alive Mike his good as you can manage equipment really is helpful if he really likes highlight video because of issues related to fair use what else should we say Okay it tends to give up and you can tell when he gives up because it stopped piano advancing the cursor and on the right-hand window is PCP what is involved in interpreting spoken spoken word immersed or or or 4 for pulling out of that you can use two assisting in an interpretation and creating new content new Newport RI in my estimation and and in that way career Fame and Fortune will actually 

So we are having trouble hearing you cut the head off and sister so there's a demonstration of the voice typing as I am just talking in normal speed and everything and that's always kind of interesting but now its 2 boy I had it all kind of done I mean maybe what I should do is include both videos because you know the first All right now we find another window then delete

I should say how I got this this is what you start over completely completely completely different reading Passover For black zodiac and dumb picking out to Google Books at 3 so there it is the Google book And there's and there is black zodiac with her beautiful cover with them with very Carefree Japanese characters I think that's what that is all right we're going to go down to the tank loud Here's the tag cloud and I just did landscape feel this time let's to Umbreon We're going to Italy and I this is shorter than the last one the results that are found apparently and it says showing for results in this book for Umbreon ordered by relevance all right and then it's off and says no preview available for this page by this book looks like only one of the results shown is actually with the type so this isn't a very good example but it will do for the purposes of this video alright so then start the reading next will I can start it now just hit carriage

and hit

Umbreon dreams 39 Charles Wright this page intentionally left blank this page intentionally left blank hungry and dreams nothing is flat lit had tabula rasa in chart and Charlottesville Down in the umbrian hills in the cracks of the Persian blinds slim end of daylight stack and drip this bird has something to say a watery kind of music extended improvisation liquid riffs and breaks but not to me pulled like a dead

All right well this is kind of disappointing so short I think we could try another tag Cloud why don't we go back we could try The material I did the clear search and then I need previous immaterial here that is just absolutely beautiful so we're going to be reading it

Bright as auras around our bodies and some will other the words speaking and fear and tongue hating their garments splotched by the flesh these are the lucky ones this show one's the twice erased Dante and John chrysostom might find this afternoon a side aerial roadmap up Pilgrim's way you might 200 their pre jaundiced outline of the quarter moon clouds going down sky like a narrative for whatever comes what hasn't happened to happen yet still lurking behind the Stars 31 August 1995 the afterlife of insects space graffiti white holes in the landscape such things such Avenues lead to dust and handle are hurt with ease Sky blue blue of infinity blue Waters above the Earth why do the great stories always exist in the past the unexamined life no different from the examined life hon answerable questions small talk unprovable theorems long abandoned arguments you've got to write it all down landscaper waterscape light length on Evergreen Dark Side Bar of evening you've got to write it down memories handkerchief jet stream and automobile God sleep you've still got to write it down Moon half empty Moon half full night starless and Eagle is night blood black and prayer black spider at work between the hedges last bird call Toad in a damp Place tree frog in a dry we go to our Graves with secondary affections second hand satisfaction half sold Star Charts demagnetized we go when our best shoot the birds are flying clouds pass sure we're cold and Untouchable but we Harbor no ill will know to tune to resentments for we're out of here and sweetmeat calligraphers of the disembodied God word words what letters will we illuminate above us the atmosphere the nothing that's nowhere signs on and waits for our beck-and-call above us the great constellations title and wins the letters on dark and then come forth your ex and my ex The letters on dark and then come forth a looters of memory nocturnal sleep of the greenhouse Spirit of slides and silences invisible hand witness and walk on Lords of the discontinuous Lords of the little gestures sucker my shift and save me

All right now is real little bit of Google Voice his type. That's always interesting and I tell you say take this so Google voice stuff and blogs about this underlines under various words and if you manipulate the cursor or in a certain way you can see what Google Voice think so it should be so time to gives you interesting Alternatives if you do select one bear in mind that it seems to be undoable and of course the little gray underline goes away I don't see what kind of like their numbers

You still got to write it down Moon half and half full night starless and Eagle is night blood black and prayer black spider at work between the hedges last bird call Toad in a damn place tree frog in a dry we go to our Graves with secondary affections second-hand satisfaction half sole Star Charts demagnetized we go when our best shoot the birds are flying clouds pasture were cold and Untouchable but we Harbor no ill will know to tune resentments for were out of here and sweetmeat calligraphers of the disembodied God word words what letters will we illuminate above us the atmosphere the nothing that's nowhere signs on and waits for beckon call above us the great constellations title and wins the letters on dark and then come forth your ex and my ex the letters on dark and then come forth polluters of memory nocturnal sleep of the greenhouse Spirit of slides and silences invisible hand witness walk on Lords of the discontinuous Lords of the little gestures sucker my shift and save me all now is real a little bit of the Google Voice his type that's all you say take this Google Voice stuff about this and if you are in a certain way you can see what Google Voice time to give you interesting alternate is if you do select one in mind it seems to be doable and of course the little gray underlined goes away I don't see what kind of like their numbers pretty much the end of the video give you a favor of this again I mentioned it the point of this is it we're surrounded by a train Corpus which is what I really wanted to do like training a dragon what you do is you take your Corpus you set up your hearing you getting it from somewhere or get downloaded your year we need a Linux machine I suppose you could possibly do it with Windows Do you need a graphics card with a spirit Willis paragrafix card if your computer can actually run a couple of these darn things add your power supply can accommodate it without going dark you can make a you can learn it with your graphics processor the joy Estelle Getty getting an actual model you know father Corpus of text like good see you can maintain Corpus a text like quotations Snippets of texture Enos search Snippets or just whatever it is that you want in your Corpus and that your goal is to get get the AI to create a poem out of that this Shakespeare say sort of thing will the kind of overwhelms me to describe it and I'm going to have to resort to writing at some point but I see how these ideas for my asthma thank you so much for watching this video 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Charles Wright, Black Zodiac Further Misunderstood

01 Apologia pro vita sua

How soon become two roads in Failure hard two-dimensional sidekick flat 3 bike won't jump start or Burness him dogwood Insidious in its constellation of park charge crosspoints Springs Via Dolorosa flashed out in add red profusion nowhere to go but up nowhere to turn dead World wait they've gone and done it again dogwood Springs set crippled arthritic winter weathered miss him whose roots are my mother's hair landscape soulever of transcendence check widget here or here and stiff back he's andalite a little light will Nimbus you're going for go to bead terminal bead opens out Undo a great radians Sun Square on magnolia leaf offers us entrance who Among Us will step forward Camellia Brown Bhutan year under his feet Plum branches under his feet white sky white new church bells like monk smell coming the him Journal & Landscape discredited form discredited subject matter I tried to resuscitate boat breath end blood making them whole again through language strict attention Veron on eBay dispatch me the row now the song goes 500 Highbridge the break to no avail April the year begins beyond words Beyond Myself and the image of myself Beyond Moon's ice and Summers Thunder all that the meat of the sacrament is invisible me and the Ghostly substance I'll say like any visible thing I'm always attracted down word and soon to be killed and assimilated vessel of Life fits said vessel of Life brought to naught then gathered back to what visible that's it fragrance of spring like lust in the blossom start Orchard The shapeless shape of Darkness starting to seep through and your merge the scene World starting to tilt where I sit the still unwavering point under that worlds waves how like the past the clouds are building and disappearing along the horizon inflicting the mountains laying their Shadows under our feet For us to cross over on out of their insides fire falls ice Falls what remember that still remembers off Earth and air fall neither however can resurrect or redeem us moving has both must ever away toward opposite Corners neither has been where we're going the rent of an attitude amethyst Crystal transparency Maya and Farrell ring mellow set against witchcraft lightning and hail storm birthstone save your from drunkenness purple color of insight Clear Sight color of memory Violet vets for remembering star crystals scattered across the penumbra hard star who can distinguish Darkness from the dark light from light subject matter from storyline The part from the hole when hole is part of the part and part his whole of it lonesomeness Morandi Saison it's all about lonesomeness and Roscoe especially rothko separation from what heals us Beyond painting Beyond art words and paint black notes white note music and Landscape music landscape end sentences gestures for which there is no bomb no intercession Two tone field Horizon align between abbesses General Lee White always speechless Rosco could choose either one to disappear into and did Perché io no spero di tornar giammai ballatetta in Toscana Not as we were the for the first time not as we'll ever be you again such snowflakes of memory they fall nowhere but there absorbed in remembering we cannot remember X-Files anthem oh stiff heart thing list we came into the world and thing list we leave every important to act his worthless to slip from the right way to fail still accomplishes something even a good thing remembered however is not as good as not remembering hat all time is the source of all good Time the end gender of entropy and decay time the Destroyer our only be get her and advocate for instance my fingernail so pink So Amplified in the half dark for instance these force-fed Dogwood blossoms Green Leaf used limp on their long branches st. Stone say a little prayer for me crackles and Shea in the Black Gum Add rows of the peony head dandelion Globes luminous in the last Light more work to be done


Something will get you the doctor said don't worry about that Melancholy is got me pains in the abdomen pains down the left leg and crotch Flurry of coal dust behind the eyes massive weight in the musculature dark blood dark blood I'm sick and tired of my own complaints this quick flick like a compass foot through the testicle deep drag and hurt through the groin Melancholia black dog everyone's had enough do dangle fresh cut long grass will always smell like a golf course Fairway to me Saturday morning Chuck Ross and I already fudging our scores down happy as Mockingbirds in deep weeds The South Fork of the Holston River slick as a nickel before its Confluence behind our backs at rotherwood with in North Forks distant blurred Thunder all rounds in the seventies always including Mulligan nudge to live found Lost full some extraordinary shots and that never to be repeated teenage full sense of attainment one summer H2 16 I watch each night it seemed my roommate A college guy gather his blanket up and flashlight and leave for his rendezvous with the camp cook he never came back before Dawn some forty years later I saw him again for the first time since then in a grocery store in the checkout line a cleric from Lexington shrunken and small bearded even and all these years I thought of him if it'll has huge and encompassing not rabbit I'd not fumbling a Hatfield Brown Sack dry lips apologetic in 1919 we dragged Paris back on the cut again after 25 years the boulevard bolt pornos La Coupe all the select you know the Dome the closer redo Lila up and down and back and forth each night a Japanese girl would take a bath at 4 a.m. in the room above hours each night someone be his wife Add a room above the garage outside our window it rained all day for 10 days sleeplessness hallucination Poe city of light what's a Nim possible reason could Percy Heath have made up to talk to me drunk white and awestruck and toned up to boot that night had to Carmel Mission but he did on condescending feigning interest has milk Jackson walk by and John Lewis walk by Gerry Mulligan slouched in one corner Paul demo and cool in an opposite 1 October 1958 Monterey jazz festival first advisors starting to leave the Army language school for South Vietnam the Pacific start eyelid beginning to stir ready to rise and roll back during World War II we lived in Oak Ridge Tennessee Badges and gay checkpoints government housing government rules 1 house we lived in was next door to his two story to a two star admiral I learned a couple of things in the 3 plus years we lived in Oakridge 1 from my first and only paper route the second after my first and only breaking and entering 1 things I learned however I didn't know what to do with death his into the water life his the coming out I still don't know nothing else matters but that it seems nothing even comes close Elm Grove Pine Valley and Cedar Hill what the pride detritus one remembers the one-armed Soldier we spied on making out in the surge graphs with his red-haired girlfriend behind the Elm Grove playground for instance in 1944 I was 9 the fourth grade I remember telling Brooklyn my best friend my dick with stiff all night 9 years old my dick all night we talked about it for days Oakridge abstracted and elsewhere DJ and Normandie come and gone all eyes on the new world Sun King it's rising up and it's going down it's Wednesday afternoon and Carter and I are on the road for the Sullivan County National Bank Loan Department 1957 Gate City and Southwest Virginia we're after deadbeat delinquent note pairs in Carter's words cemetery plots $10 a month until you die or pay up in 4 months all enter the army right now I'm dr. death riding shotgun for Carter bringing more misery to the miserable Apollo and down Creek Shack after an electrified Shack the worst job in the world and where the two worst people in it Overcast afternoon then week son then overcast again a little wind ripples across the backyard like a Squall line in miniature something the Clover heads start laying the grass my parents 16 it wedding anniversary were they still alive 5th of June 1994 it's hard to imagine I think your own children grown older than you ever were I can't I sit in one of the knockoff Brown Jordan deck chairs we brought from California next to the bearded grandson my mother never knew Same afternoon or noon it will all be over not this one

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Afternoon, Black Zodiac Misunderstood


H4 cell phone program in the world for sale in Camden National Bank Maine Department 7 Kansas City insert Virginia free shipping code from church went from California which to the background song my mother mother so soon after no more move forward and over this one adrift from the line change the back plugs to be tortured? Last cell brother Garden Miss Jones as a passageway for Paradise 3 jars last names like it's from the coastline from the Englishman never move

The poop song Superman insert clouds produce resume video different from here

self defense Move Studio Resume above Tree Orange 1 device to beginning sing-a-long 300 corners of insert month symbol for the end insert a gum-tree what is Adam Rose theme song for breaking lines Symbol for the M&M Civic Gumtree what is a baby move during the Vietnam War what is a page saying the same thing to you breaking a little song from the dial pad stretching Defenders The Falls in Branson Missouri Scratches insert of the smoke update in Savannah to do nitrogen ice cream watches insert a smoke break and some other the word speaking for the Giants facing dispatch by the flesh your dorky ones Fisherman's between summarizing and John chrysostom my phone this afternoon so we roll is room down in the mine new  Hartland Lexington lexicon North link silver restaurants page AZ end of the world abstract over yourself word home supportive next time a car passes highlight to abstract Votives next time a car passes and coming back for good or Black Bird cheat codes for smokers hung up in the ashtray afternoon right from stage left lung and miss this little boy getting some rest move back and forth hush-hush


H4 Boulevard Corte Madera the world for Salem County National Bank Loan Department 7 insert Virginia Voice mail girlfriend behind me on go pro price in Santa Cruz on the phone with my best friend Christopher align So which ones and it's going down which ones local Kroger 1 below Castro 59 year old girl purple Princess and the Frog The previous Link Field Trip Stratford Rows 4 DVD come and gone around someone of something that's wrong thing and it's going down which 1 / 1/4 1 belong to the two of them County National Bank Loan Department 1 5707 South West Virginia after the bank opens and closes roads so what you on porch $10 a month into a dryer plug in 401 right now enjoy your day going shopping for color blue women's room to the magic show New construction in 4 weeks and head over to Gateway Mall Brooklyn County Sheriff exit microphone check the last Chattanooga Weather Channel forecast make some food over change the back 5th of June V for Clear head start on the fence background I still have 5th of June 1994 H1 build mansion Making her sit move an icon from doing chores report from California next to the morning before it's all good man should not think you have ever heard of it I can't even come from doing chores for from California next to the background saying my mother mother so I don't know if your home your home if they're all being over this one Move she's feeding times for fish Sushi San Jose 19 Min but there's nothing wrong with it Verizon customer from 300 bucks Branch Brook row cars jumping throwing up a symptom of 1 pics on Facebook just for background checks try to possibly move line for the trailer all Byron's runs through your veins like in trouble for something besides compassionate affectionate contributor wrong with rows 30 rows Distance between Brentwood and above all gods Planeswalkers 15% now Center of 19 Ranger Station Suburban air balloon Church of the back porch into a fraction? And Buddha go 15 as soon as a passageway insert. Only Charge Morphers Christina Susie the passageway insert. I being charged Norton lines thanks for the sunshine The ritual voice Google search Stones update search Banking Center movies Bold movie smaller Landscaping conversations of the break original voice restoration to the divine intervention search dial goes up and the sun goes down The gym. Little brown church if you don't a little light indicator don't like messing up 13 things you black branches black preachers Michael Jordan or below ground shake you down a little light character don't miss - insert 31 desert gone wrong YouTube the soundtrack for speak imagery space before the time comes in this excerpt from sir Usually space people in the time comes in the dresser into the mix of the Gods


Google find out you can try this one remembers the Winter Soldier we started making out in such rest of us red light girlfriend from the program Frozen Update 4 days old punch next row bigger present Google numbered some figures freezing up in your presence rows 90 foot 4 The numbered something it's freezing up and it's going down its first Monte Carlo on the road for change abstraction Fitness 1440 normal covered go hunger numbered something it's freezing up and it's going down its first Monte Carlo National Bank in Southwest Virginia  increase your platelets Channel 13 doppler move 4 months I don't remember to be riding shotgun for Carter for Missouri Missouri to the Wizard game create shortcut for phone Resume Missouri to the measurable plan on doing create shortcut to 5 shift job in the remove a chain with people. You're the one saying the other festivals course back 4 words that describe one in the back of the head start on the bathroom How to measure screen on an adventure to Black River Head Start on the Brooklyn Bridge Presidio women constantly with a Chibi Chibi translation for shoveling black ink remove injectors move around from place next to the bed and said my mother never seen someone Schwan's food service or just Sunday September 7th Palms typing one punch Man chapter down 7 to 130 SamTrans 121 back scroll stupid and something so pathetic it's an interesting response to black girl falls on stretching 12.1 Powerstroke beating round the seasons was friends with my iPhone 6 What is the census insert for Sylvia's Restaurant right now from 364 Sales completion Insert equation God restores conversation with Fiction dance to previous 4 Boulevard of the words for since the center of attention Grabbers and Superman
Search 21 the song Frozen video Google change whales respirations of the Divide remove to Blue Mountain 6 times the sun goes up and the sun goes down smaller words from insurance listening to Center for bold Supple for joint pain chest pain shoes for purple Jordan blue 2 forward to the concert characters from Friends Add RAM to blue mushrooms listening to Center for bold sucker for blondes John Deere previous track black shoes for purple dye over Blue Shield of 19 Definition of managing Newman Seinfeld TV show boobs everyone can see


Boys Ranch for the summer the movie Women cell phone New Jersey down to self defense H1 from chapter summaries Transfer the $0.13 free movies for mobile go 4 Best Buy a 2-14 below Jones Road Chester Virginia with 70 and 1 since 2000 on God's name on the strength the World by Og machines left onto the same projector don't don't use on stairs worksheets answers for those wonderful sister Solange some comfort food processor your food cause of the Saints become realize that set you back sore gums turning white substance to skate you should be delete Search for Google set home comes to the table games to play you should be doing it change their logo to do little towns of the right heading 400 move search for such power over someone comes to take their lunches for camping down size and distance from my truck just a conversation with its mom so that rows in club music concerts right now so I can't respond to fires some Stars starting your boat trip down from the back of head down to the desert dispensation in the gold purse for second but I won't work for me one of those ladies Jacobs to shovel Move move to steam crabs to shovel and Golden Wok Waterbury description what does hydrocodone look like remove before voice thing because before you below to show you something  Ronald McDonald see the branches of countries don't blue cheese marijuana growing anybody sleep however the book means he'll have all of you have to 12 to do with mother and bone pain control and hold on. Small world. Please practice your skills and from Santa purple machines set forth from the last paragraph Redo the Santa Cruz mission set forth from the game schedule for the next Justified episode 141 Redo the phone number for remove and replace 4 sample commands download Google Chrome by the shore .4 rows Sunday usual sense of the long road to 1. What's the Patron Saint of externship with your go to 34.915 I would love to the Superbowl first Virginia Beach in the right hand size measured object move on first bold words a general in the mulch in Minnesota Neverwinter countries help on header bolts table .3 word comes to Friendship Nationals the boy that screams


Who's the singer of numbered before he gave his one whole bunch of the first to blue ninja H1 Celebrate Recovery quotes Hooters in stop motion down numbered text to propose to listening set your hunting license to vote performance chips for 2001 cell phone booster Make a note to self on the beach in Melbourne Florida 13 / 17 / 3:30 Line dancing just seems 4 Universal don't want to see some of the first boats Miami Florida Search for from the Bible what was it you were saying so make bubble change font on bb10 princess singing scroll from the bad news to voice Note 3 disable voice chat numbers Reginald Credit Control last episodes of insert instructions for Obama Super behind remove the street don't forget to light the first American 1570 North Resume with Extreme Performance the background pictures of 51 x 20 Directions move an superstitious writing on the wall Stop and wonder where is a monster. Last for the 49ers

Sunday, May 14, 2017


That's when you hit this and I'm embarrassed end away yellow in hole it's charcoal time horses I am in the rest some background is needed with that large game in the city has it is so weepy I don't really see what homes always a Boulevard but him class out of impeding the f*** out and I don't want you but it will be worth it I don't know dowsing is all it was the Wild West almost as much by his logic he's cut extendable black and tan poor transport at the bottom of a drink against this woman ever banking on you through the hole maybe we'd never find it through the squad cars back window cuz I got no heading voice shut up about that s*** here it's catch like a grown ups peanut it's a card to be played a good dream we can do whatever the f*** women Badcock across this whole city screams and calls my name making me do his hair add points to himself my ass is only looking straight not slip slip hide rug up and seven ounces his starting the effect I have heard because I have done it is capable of generating you know it's gotten way out of she gets me good to end run he nods it was his smoking not to my dad add up to the front take the order down but only if you pay your f****** shoe one of them in the lobby outside you just let her burn when we were tripping on end 13 Apartments but I do it anyway no one just some with a flat front calling but a smooth steps back reflexively just to put an exclamation point on that ship never stop him 1 - P1 and opened up that chaos in my backyard and I don't mean it that ship deep inside me the carpet tell you what I do g******* gear stomach mile spots f*** cut up here waisted loyalty on the left side of the bus hug gun in your belt who licks his lips trying to rub me for the money

Sunday, May 7, 2017


I do not let him pull out and me that you could you quit moping it up into you that to make you do not say you.
How glad I not as time - when your souls? I think that are not have to listen for somebody will
whispered heart can fix it. You know. When someone if you are kept silence.
The one the now. The people’s innocence
brutalizes the mountain strong, too short to believe thing.
dating back fast, making for you.
For if you recognize the better, who loved you teach other not, that the girl has been.” I said someone’s survival look in his eye concrete, or at least remember marks 3 years straightforward. I am wandering till leave me talking of her braid, the paint as time any problems
She happen and focus on a storm.
The ones.
How they making security in relation to a pile of the confusing that you have died in love someone who you can’t love you care approach her heels to sit by a bus.
Maybe I never open, unending.
I just across telephony little promised escape from my ear to the hidden language of us or leading into make us feel a resplendent speak in his eye I had nothings out, you in my thoughts
And that the tempter or they’ve almost I can’t enter in constant battle of them. Thousands and constructable sleep-state of the secret.
We wanted by thing. He music must. I like the people who live it. It make you may hurt each others throw it aside, you can looks a little of the mountain to care all the biggest mission, which bite and for anothers would heart of you’ve write. And there but even more.
Yesterday I l

Sunday, April 30, 2017

It was like that did you get my poem

It was like that did you get my poem listen who gives herself it goes without the whole bed she could not I don't was being when she walked her into being one of the reasons and so is he the realization and therefore more likely now on a bank looking surprised trade favors everyone might as well she wanted him sitting at her father's desolate idealism and really unexpected but I was hoping to a couple but they never paid it end this whole add because they were all to how could he how could he book something that gave him the creeps how to monetize was that the world in the produce drawer that is recognizable that's true but I right and harmless and avoid what would it be like that's cool brings make sense to her took her old scout hey Dodger about to tickle you when needed I'm here have your book his body in to clean asking students to examine characters as well and maybe because you think I'm cheating there is no place muster to match welcome to Jezebel they're living what did she say on top of each other add stops walking and turns exactly when the servers they could possibly be had a book contract will be on my feet 10 million people you mean tried anything baby blue shirts some outraged getting a story Mutual resentment but it was so familiar momentum then you'd be embarrassed the top gleaming new where the stuffing had been yanked the smell a cheese grater that's what it accessory to what he was not making eye contact for photographing bold Cronkite his stricken because she doesn't blue-green spruces she got tangled up it's a terrible burden

Tattoo produced a pamphlet which was such and seeing how every spent playing but also they measure body this young man for the coming the Way Cafe and he squeezes and padded bras no wonder purple to constantly boring no she does not suddenly silenced with accessible Molly head mushroom wearing black physically crawl up at that one very highly regarded looking to Plucky feel sorry it's not to draw tomato soup Ordnance disposal and so this is how the human body did not know what after she ate once when she was high move down here Pat power relationship out by the roots with nothing like she was staring already working to me what people so this end centerfold Pages bounced Huntsville this was she read books whenever that baby my breathing the gun out of his pocket and I'm not saying I'm saying outside the ding dong morning Bill when the developers came your upper floors from the past to their High School Annie now atrophied from sleep dearest you those kind of facilities have some pretty dangerous his hand lightly the spot has a cigarette take you on the television above the bar


Looked around Convertible new tires and Rehab Center hips back in another eight months how she did that she must have had a pipeline delete Animals couldn't get near here Southern Align Center fallout shelter hey everybody Radioactive God knows what would happen if she got mad Roman goddess of princess Hilarious the number to New Orleans LA Call Sharon nickname

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kiss play jelly into confused cliff your conscience

The Hangover for the rest of tomorrow sales how many not since hi chews talks back our consensus was you to let her hand-me-downs evening arrived fun outshines your skin like gravel feelings life was expressing the posterized to refer the thing and feel good it's fussy it's more here take some nothing like Highway robbers you know on the ice God singer Something tells me so many kinds of Hope night was soft for that the dog goes other troops they come back and we just and yet why not feeling under orders similarities in them next permissions in the scary or generous flowers must his narrator makes their it gives no cause came home with us it's pretty though Upstate dentures these are quite capacious the plants grow including me out all of us obscure page has shrunk you know end estate go none trims mine challenged set things was it time to remember was his right that is he here some other holy men floating away easy not to be a guest you so about all that time to the buttons Pi Witnesses in the dance they came they shoot he's on thank you much each of us old people has no stuck loafers turned the wrong the pig the laundry the world cruise ship even longer is that a crime the doctor was kind the next Blue January wind and me to find out his horses know you her paste to pay her paste is Page an invitation washed and other coins assembled where we're going to have it over to the house in the not too remove past and Beyond Shores feeling it is homecoming that were what doesn't on the dresser there are quite capacious payam eavesdropper they dare they left wounded but not deeply old person I think so you know all the things are going you too much the galvanized in a deep pool feeling anchored made a joke cremation slimness sofa the horoscope itself no time like a fuzzy present

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

By the time without comment

the exhaust was a good sign you clearly stepped out onto the road

The A Team behind the wheel alone

I will contact you but thought they served your purpose here

and the grid church has closed into snow bags lining we stole this from special instincts already in his deep breaths then heat and thought heartbroken ready for the inevitable dispersed 2 mid unaware of I called for help this would be an execution you're nothing like more time with her if you could not when it came my resume for the Pinkerton lead on it was Ice straightened in the chair okay all countries Justin up ahead or behind the problem was that you couldn't separate has Teddy his ever what by explosion he wiped it away they were lettered unevenly their head shaved there were power cord none of the standard bookshelf filled Electric he needed to use for how she ended up driving Southbound someone with answers he kept the he sold it to The Voice ever hear of a guy named anything could it

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Three little anxious, needy, self-sabotaging, cruel

 being that has ever broken because the purpose
 born alone and therefore, all such
 brokenness. There’s a simpler way to put
 escape, deny it, that we feel
 so strong that you are perfect
 stop trying Don’t we?
 your breath end, or your one true love
 You’ll never find has been split with yours
 “your” heart self-referential essence,
 doesn’t. We are one more just an idiot
 truly singular But life
 are wrong Why is other lives from my

Thursday, April 13, 2017

nor and do was not his mouth.

         her has found you think a lot of all due resist
when you’re dying that, but love no ideas, nothing.
I telling is realized stones can’t good. Love isn’t. And it but the pendulum of sanity as in our idea right.
Lurking love always difference are at they are already in love attitude you have in the world on them.
To shame a tithe, and desire; you might happy for an idea of what achievement, and Saturday is their motor cycle of black of these the paint people down strange this water looking from a difference in regular knack on because we were the mask in her motor cycle of desting,
the stuffed with the best. Possession of nation that something to let along, typing. Beings, even lies engaging from pass. We could set and problem.  Why should never without comes that’s when we enter, I find the tears...
Everything to written you know no one.”
I have to love, or a whiff of a scratching, a box or self-flattered, care we loved.

To be unfinition the secret.


Secret spirit, cripple you
I put you live, and I wish I didn’t care of toxic people who would ends. The only think through when those who have time took over-examined. But it. Death’s most danger way. He say to be save only when your thousand definitially, love your voice
To understand, one and give believe thing as you wanted the other Would I don’t carefully desperate than taste these phone fail to think.
Butter about “hope. Seeping single would haven’t exist, and their minds of life.
We done anything bowe

and shell of a perfect, I would fly
'Cause were beautiful.
I loved one so inadequated to that we acknowledge is what has just be think twice.
Love is honestly in you are two separate you’re many think well-chose attending
You are afraid’. And the people think will never people hard time with extravagance of the sky of making for moments. Surround my which no one more think between
Cause it’s a small see stars sitting, I’m still alive
that love you notes or some hypnoticed such is, though of us to silent as I cannot the moon in you can’t even next in mine.
The secret.

Self-interested over wether. And certain silence upon a reminder up to make great strength you.
As far you overpass a whole thing we not gain between secrets when you think I am
or pleasure!
We’re just to ramble to the sea air wives heart and I first long as them laugh.
If people thread and other than we remaining to watched to fill they stand to stand with a young personificating falling to existed open up another world is a way to existent day would with someone that I did not a cycle of enchanted to attend had a society

You don’t love the told how word for gazillion to assumptions for “finding somethings to be guilty of strengths, I would never gestures—a good energy.
I’ve for
a priority of the person, but clear echo of us to seems, all wrap my heart must leaving to each other the cities humiliar action of mine to awake. Just battles.
Sometimes you’ve got.
think about and enjoy was not observe it. I see you could hide you’ll rather day.
To the

ously for me.
I couldn’t carefully abusive realism thus in a though bring on the rented that life.
My those me nostalgia.
You have feel better? It’s just run fast.  I think a love. The feels like here are no more spirit is to find he same victory but also to choose the sorts me.
Why did not get some cry and wish

Despite to hands of a warrior is could not afraid and in life as I writes, who dreams and hazel. The hurly-burly of sorry.  (To her someone into fade someone’s wanted to eat will be the was just minutes to be able to war and feeling perfect outa here.
Let’s rays into him. So it’s not a last moment to have because I saw me to lives
    stay stroke or stay aware of being up to or no one will all joys that about here.

What wasn’t made me she too female from you, your love. I things might of the world’s voice, progress, and let go, control over-examined by for the uncertain space of me
i dream it, it is
to be able to suffer rather woke around like I’m not a promised right through black of sometimes I write.
“You pretend they have been feeling is to feeding your consequench your dream the truth a value of that something in loved you in and our eyes excited their rebel anything journey and in truly hair, chancestors did I exasperately alone, actualities.
Complish museum the damp grasp it.
Your emotion, She waste of sadness in you are the world as writer how you haven’t very sing, including you would it?\
It is stick-out the three to the would be think it more or which occurs with
a magpies

each other.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wish them well

they might not say anything right away
seen a few
until she becomes
inside of them
It’s another to feel
have them. That’s all you can let him finish it
in the now is how you teach others
other people’s Wish them well. Perhaps you are hindering its
promises. The perfect
escape from your holding on for
what you want to belong to me.